Council Candidates Sweep Victory Unopposed As We Bid Farewell To Respected Councillors In October

Published on Friday, 15 September 2023 at 1:00:00 PM


  • Three vacant seats as Councillors were filled unopposed.
  • Exmouth electors will only vote for the publicly elected Shire President during the Local Government Election on 21 October 2023, with Darlene Allston and Matt Niikkula nominated for the position.
  • Todd Bennett, Kai Broedner and Kristy Devereux will officially take office on 23 October 2023.



Following the Council's decision to have the Shire President publicly elected, there will only be an election for the Shire President held on 21 October 2023. This decision marks an important shift in the democratic process within the Shire of Exmouth, allowing the community to directly choose their leader.

However, it is worth noting that there will be no election for the position of Councillor this year. The three vacant seats were filled unopposed, meaning that there were no opposing candidates during the nomination period advertised, demonstrating the level of confidence and support from the community for the individuals who were nominated and now will serve as Councillors.

The newly elected members Todd Bennett, Kai Broedner and Kristy Devereux will officially take office on 23 October 2023. They will be sworn in and attend the October Ordinary Council Meeting in their new roles. During this meeting, the Deputy Shire President will also be elected, adding another layer of leadership and representation within the Council.

For those interested in the election results and getting to know the incoming candidates, the elections webpage ( is a valuable resource. It provides comprehensive information about the election process, including the profiles of the candidates who will be serving the community.

This allows residents to become familiar with their representatives, understand their vision and goals for the Shire of Exmouth and enable them to make an educated vote in the election of the Shire President on 21 October 2023.



“The Shire of Exmouth Council achieved an enormous amount over the last two years in collaboration with the administration, including the successful Total Solar Eclipse Event, the fast-tracked development of 24 new accommodation units and the major review and alignment of our Strategic Community Plan and Corporate Business Plan; working closely with Council, I am incredibly
proud of everyone's efforts and dedication to making the Shire of Exmouth the best it can be for our residents, business community and visitors.”


“On behalf of the Shire of Exmouth, I thank outgoing Councillors Mark Lucas, Heather Lake, and Matt Niikkula for their service over the past years, their dedication to outstanding leadership, and their forward-thinking and strategic planning efforts in their roles as Councillor.”


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