Children & Families

The Shire provides a broad range of programs, events and facilities to meet the diverse interests and needs of children and families across the Shire of Exmouth including:

  • Community team who works with community members and organisations to understand and support the interests, aspirations and needs of local children and families.
  • Events throughout the year which are aimed at the whole community including children of all ages and their families.
  • Library which offers a range of activities as well as educational and entertainment resources for children and families.
  • The development and maintenance of parks, playgrounds, swimming pool, water spray park and other recreation spaces for children and families to enjoy.

Useful information and links


Exmouth Early Years Network

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The Exmouth Early Years Network plays an important role in connecting the community by collaborating with a cross-section of dedicated professionals to support and build strong families and communities.  The Early Years Network develops and implements initiatives and activities aimed at improving outcomes for young children and their families.

Families of young children in Exmouth can access a new Directory which details information about available programs and services dedicated to early childhood development. The Exmouth Directory for Families has been made possible through Woodside’s Community Grant Program and was developed by members of Exmouth’s Early Years Network.

exmouth directory


Children's Services

Children's facilities and organisations in Exmouth include the Exmouth Playgroup, Bernice McLeod Childcare Service, Exmouth Toy Library, Hayley's Holiday Fun Care and Snuggles Exmouth Mothers Group.  These organisations provide safe and happy learning environments for children in the community.


Bernice McLeod Childcare Centre

Bernice McLeod Childcare Centre Information
Address 1027 Payne Street Exmouth WA 6707
Phone (08) 9949 1582
Website Bernice McLeod Childcare Centre


Exmouth Playgroup

Exmouth Playgroup Information
Address 7 Maidstone Crescent Exmouth WA 6707
Website Exmouth Playgroup


Exmouth Toy Library

Exmouth Toy Library Information
Address 26 Maidstone Crescent Exmouth WA 6707
Next to Post Office on the left / Senior Citizen & Pensioners Club Building
Website Exmouth Toy Library


Snuggles Exmouth Mothers Group

Snuggles Exmouth Mothers Group Information
Address 26 Maidstone Crescent Exmouth WA 6707
Phone 08 9949 2225
Website Snuggles Exmouth




Exmouth District High School

Exmouth District High School Information
Address Carpenter Street Exmouth WA 6707
Phone 9947 8888


Durack Institute of Technology– Exmouth Campus

The Durack Institute of Technology Exmouth Campus is located at the Ningaloo Centre. The Institute provides the opportunity to study a number of courses from a variety of industries including Marine, Horticulture, Education, Retail, Business, IT, Hospitality, Tourism and The Arts.

Durack Institute of Technology– Exmouth Campus Information
Address Ningaloo Centre - 2 Truscott Crescent Exmouth WA 6707
Phone 9949 2624


Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)

The Australian Early Development Census is a community measure of young children's development, which is undertaken at the time children commence their first year of full-time school.  

The AEDC is held every three years and involves teachers of children in their first year of full-time school completing a research tool to collect data relating to five key areas of early childhood development referred to as ‘domains’, these include:

  • Physical health and well being
  • Social competence
  • Emotional maturity
  • Language and cognitive skills
  • Communication skills and general knowledge

For more information about the AEDC or to view the results for the Exmouth community visit