Cyclones, Fires & Emergency Plans 

Dial 000 for Fire or life threatening emergencies

Dial 13 3337 for Emergency Information

Dial 132 500 for SES Emergency Assistance

Western Australia is subject to a wide variety of hazards that have the potential to cause loss of life and/or damage and destruction.

Effective emergency management arrangements enhance community’s resilience against, and preparedness for, emergencies through strategies that apply prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

Local Governments are the closest level of government to their communities and have access to specialised knowledge about the environment and demographic features of their communities.


Cyclone Information

Cyclone Safety Information (Department of Fire & Emergency Services)

Four Stages of Cyclone Alert

Pets & Cyclones

Pre-Cyclone Clean Up

Up-to-Date Cyclone Information (Bureau of Meteorology)

Bureau of Meteorology 2015-16 Tropical Cyclone and Flood Pre-Season Presentation



Fire Regulations

Fire Safety (Department of Fire & Emergency Services)


Road Closures

Local Road Conditions (nil at present)

Regional Road and Traffic Information (Main Roads WA) - Ph: 138 138 


Emergency Management Plans

Shire of Exmouth Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Shire of Exmouth Local Recovery Plan


Volunteer Emergency Service Organisations in Exmouth

OrganisationContact Information
Exmouth Red Cross Mobile:   0438 356 808
Exmouth State Emergency Service Phone:   9949 1488
Fax:       9949 1514
Exmouth St John Ambulance Phone:   9949 2933
Exmouth Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Phone:   0437 698 244
Exmouth Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service Phone:   9949 1664
Fax:       9949 2087
Exmouth Volunteer Marine Rescue Phone:   9949 2426
Mobile:   0428 183 416