Cyclones, Fires & Emergency Plans 


Cyclone Information

Cyclone Safety Information (Department of Fire & Emergency Services)

Four Stages of Cyclone Alert

Pets & Cyclones

Pre-Cyclone Clean Up

Up-to-Date Cyclone Information (Bureau of Meteorology)

Bureau of Meteorology 2015-16 Tropical Cyclone and Flood Pre-Season Presentation



Fire Regulations

Fire Safety (Department of Fire & Emergency Services)


Road Closures

Local Road Conditions (nil at present)

Regional Road and Traffic Information (Main Roads WA) - Ph: 138 138 


Emergency Management Plans

Shire of Exmouth Local Emergency Management Arrangements

Shire of Exmouth Local Recovery Plan


Volunteer Emergency Service Organisations in Exmouth

OrganisationContact Information
Exmouth Red Cross Mobile:   0438 356 808
Exmouth State Emergency Service Phone:   9949 1488
Fax:       9949 1514
Exmouth St John Ambulance Phone:   9949 2933
Exmouth Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Phone:   0437 698 244
Exmouth Volunteer Fire & Rescue Service Phone:   9949 1664
Fax:       9949 2087
Exmouth Volunteer Marine Rescue Phone:   9949 2426
Mobile:   0428 183 416