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At the heart of all successful filmmaking is effective collaboration – not only among the crew, but between the filmmaker and the community, residents, local council, local businesses, police, and other government agencies.

The Shire of Exmouth provides information to interested parties and aims to cut red tape and streamline approval processes in collaboration with other stakeholders and Screenwest.

General precautions to observe

  • The Exmouth locality contains multiple locations under the control of the Department of Defence whereby filming on or filming in the vicinity of those facilities is prohibited and constitutes a punishable offence
  • Filming on private property – legislation for trespass applies and landowner permission needed
  • Drone filming – ‘CASA’ licencing and regulations apply
    Visit CASA Website >>
  • Air traffic and flight paths of both civilian and defence air activity near Learmonth Airport must be observed
  • Exmouth Aerodrome light aircraft activity, includes Birds Eye Micro-lights, Bristow commercial helicopters and other scenic flight operators
  • Filming in and/or near Learmonth Airport by drone is prohibited. Prohibition of filming is also applicable to other defence operations in the Exmouth Local Government Area

Stakeholders to consider