Jetty Hire within the Marina Precinct

The Shire of Exmouth has 9 pens available for hire in the Marina area, ranging from 15-18m. The minimum hire period is 1 week, the maximum 1 month and the fees are calculated based on pen length:

  • 1 month $98.00 per metre of pen length (incl. GST) or
  • 1 week $29.00 per metre of pen length (incl. GST).

The fees are payable prior to use.

Please note the following:

No person may live on board or otherwise occupy a vessel for one or more consecutive nights;

The Shire of Exmouth pens do not provide power, water, toilet, shower or waste facilities;

A certificate of public liability with a minimum cover of $10 million is to be provided with the completed application form;

Pens are allocated subject to availability;

By signing the application form, the customer acknowledges compliance with all vessel accommodation terms and conditions. Please refer to the application form for the complete list of terms and conditions.

Download application form

To reserve a pen, please contact the Shire of Exmouth on 9949 3000 or e-mail