Recycling and waste management

One of the priorities of the Exmouth community, as identified in the Strategic Community Plan, Exmouth 2030, is for the Shire to “investigate sustainable waste management and recycling options”.

To achieve this aim the Shire of Exmouth is undertaking a number of actions.  This includes examining the cost of implementing a kerbside recycling program and investigating innovative new technologies that could  put Exmouth at the cutting edge of waste management." 

In coming weeks the Shire will be going to tender for the provision of recycling services.  This is an important first step that will provide a clear understanding of the cost to ratepayers of implementing kerbside recycling.

Council asked Shire officers to look in more detail at Curtin University and Renergi’s new waste management technology in order to gain a better understanding of its local application and potential to establish the town as a leader in environmentally sustainable waste management.

Once Council has a thorough understanding of all the costs, benefits and risks associated with these options, Council will be in a position to have an informed conversation with the community about the future of waste management in Exmouth.

You can get more information on Council's approach to recycling through the Shire minutes or contact the Shire on 9949 3000.

Aluminium Can Recycling

The Shire of Exmouth currently has a drop off point for aluminium can recycling at the Shire's Work's Depot on Welch Street. Can bags can be picked up from the Shire Administration or Depot.

Did you know?

  • One recycled aluminium can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours and is back on the shop shelf within 60 days as a new can (WSN);
  • 1 tonne of aluminium from recycled aluminium cans can save 5 tonnes of bauxite (WSN); and
  • Making items from recycled aluminium uses 95% less energy than using raw material.

Ink Cartridges and Toners

Ink Cartridges and toners can be handed into Exmouth Post Office to be sent away for recycling.

Mobile Phones, Batteries and Chargers

Pre-addressed satchels can also be obtained from the Post Office and posted free of charge directly to the recycling provider.

Mobile Phones, Batteries and Chargers