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The Shire of Exmouth is committed to delivering the objectives, principles and practices outlined in Council Policy - CS001 Procurement Policy, when purchasing goods, services or works to achieve the Shire’s strategic and operational objectives. This policy complies with the Local Government (Functions and General) Regulations 1996.

OPEN Request for Tenders (RFT), Request for Quotation (RFQ), Expressions of Interest (EOI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP)


RFT 08/2023 Provision of Bituminous Spray Sealing Works - Closing Date: 2pm, Monday 13th November 2023

RFT 09/2023 Supply and Lay Concrete Paths and Pads - Closing Date: 2pm, Monday 13th November 2023

RFT 10/2023 Provision of Shoulder Grade Maintenance - Closing Date: 2pm, Monday 13th November 2023


RFQ 18/2023 Information Management Desktop Review - Closing Date: 2pm, Monday 13th November 2023

RFQ 19/2023 Recycling Activity Appraisal and Design Consulting Services - Closing Date: 2pm, Monday 27th November 2023


There are currently no Expressions of Interest open.


There are currently no Requests for Proposal open.

Tender Register 2023

RFT 01/2023 - Did not proceed

RFT 02/2023 - Supply of Earthmoving Plant, Equipment and Road Base Materials

RFT 03/2023 - Purchase and Trade of Wheel Loader

RFT 04/2023 - Design and Construction of Skatepark Bowl and Landscaping

RFT 05/2023 - ICT Hardware Refresh

RFT 06/2023 - Provision of Cleaning Services

RFT 07/2023 - Construction of Learmonth Airport Breakout Room 

Tender Register 2021 

RFT 01/2021 - Exmouth Bike Park

RFT 02/2021 - Did not proceed

RFT 03/2021 - Housing Building Package - Lot 501 Ingleton Street

RFT 04/2021 - Did not proceed

RFT 05/2021 - Yardie Creek Road Edge Seal & Shoulder Widening

RFT 06/2021 - Provision of Trade Services

RFT 07/2021 - Ningaloo Access Road Maintenance

RFT 08/2021 - Exmouth Town Beach Revitalisation - Transferred to 2022 (RFT 02/2022 & RFT 03/2022)

RFT 09/2021 - Commercial Space Lease Ningaloo Centre Exmouth

RFT 10/2021 - Did not proceed 

RFT 11/2021 - Supply of New Mid-Size Road Sweeper and Trade of Old

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