Onboarding suppliers with eftsure

The Shire of Exmouth has introduced eftsure. The new system better manages supplier data and payment verification.


eftsure is an independent, real-time, continuous controls monitoring system designed to manage supplier onboarding and data management.

Supplier data provided during onboarding is verified by eftsure to ensure that only legitimate information is entered into our finance system.

What information is required?

As part of the new system, we need to ensure that your business details are genuine and accurate.

eftsure will securely process the following business details:

  • ABN
  • business or trading name
  • company details
  • contact information and addresses
  • company representative details
  • BSB, bank account number and bank account name

eftsure guidance for new suppliers

To kick-start the onboarding process, businesses will be asked to supply your company name and email address. Following this, you will receive an email invitation from eftsure asking you to register your details as a new supplier. Information includes:

  • ABN
  • company name
  • address
  • email
  • bank account details.

After you have registered your details, you may receive a call from an eftsure team member (usually within 24-48 hours) to verify your details.

eftsure info for existing suppliers

Please be advised eftsure has been authorised to undertake supplier verification on behalf of the Shire of Exmouth. As part of the implementation process, eftsure will make contact with active commercial suppliers with directions to verify their details. If you have not been already verified by eftsure in the past, you will receive two emails with instructions.

If you wish to contact the Shire of Exmouth directly to update your details, email finance@exmouth.wa.gov.au with the subject 'eftsure change request'.

Please note: It is your responsibility to ensure your details are up to date and to contact us if your details change or if you notice any discrepancies.


How to change your data with eftsure

Remember, it is your responsibility to make sure your details are up to date. Please notify us immediately if your details change or if you notice any inaccuracies.

To update your details, contact the Shire of Exmouth via finance@exmouth.wa.gov.au and ask for an 'eftsure change request'.

You will then receive an email from eftsure with a link to update your data in their portal, and a confirmation email once your data has been verified.

Depending on the data to be updated, you may receive a phone call from an eftsure team member to verify your details over the phone before you receive a confirmation email.



Supplier management

For more information about supplier management, email finance@exmouth.wa.gov.au

eftsure technical support

For eftsure technical support, phone: 1300 985 976.