CBD & Foreshore Revitalisation Project

The CBD & Foreshore Revitalisation Project is an exciting project for the Shire and the community.  A community survey conducted during the community engagement process for the Exmouth 10+Yr Strategic Community Plan 2011 highlighted that the community’s wish is that over the next ten years there is to be sustainable growth and town enhancement, while keeping the rich town spirit and natural environment.

The CBD & Foreshore Revitalisation Project has resulted in a vibrant, attractive town that has clear connections and links between points of interest.  The Town Centre and Foreshore Revitalisation provides a place for the local community including residents, visitors, tourists to interact and enjoy.  Exmouth will be a future dynamic and diverse town to live, with services and amenities that attract and retain a broad range of people wanting to settle permanently.  The project also accommodates some of the unique characteristics of Exmouth as a working and tourist town, and being able to cater for the influx of travellers in the high season when the population can grow by up to 200%. 

Sea Walls at Town Beach and Exmouth Yacht Club were completed in June and have created a vast improvement to the area that will last into the future against the severe weather that Exmouth endures. The Foreshore at Town Beach has also been redeveloped with new fencing, landscaping, new shade structures, barbecues and other public amenities that provide a functional, comfortable, shaded and visually enticing park area for locals and visitors to enjoy.