Water Quality / Pools

Australians have come to expect and take for granted the provision of safe water. Commercial and public premises should be able to guarantee that the water they provide is safe for drinking and/or swimming.

Water quality not only applies to drinking water but also to recreational water (eg: pools and spas). Contact with contaminated recreational water can still make a person sick. For this reason, guidelines for bacterial and chemical levels are set for not only drinking water but also recreational water bodies.

Drinking Water

There are a number of different ways to make water safe to drink. These can include filtration to remove bacteria
(eg: Reverse osmosis) and disinfection such as chlorination. All drinking water sources from commercial operations (eg: Caravan parks) that are not connected to town water are tested monthly by the Shire to ensure safe water for the public. Town water is managed and tested by Water Corporation.

Public/ Commercial Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

The bacterial and amoebic content of the water contained in swimming pools and spa pools are monitored by the Shire's Environmental Health Officers to ensure that people do not become sick or develop infections from swimming in the water. The chlorine levels as well as the pH levels are also monitored. If the pH drops too low or rises too high, the effectiveness of the chlorine reduces which, may allow bacteria and/or amoeba to grow.

For further information please contact the Shire's Environmental Health Officer on 9949 3000.