Pilot Information


Prior notice of arrivals to the duty reporting officer is required on 0407 494 419.  

The runway is subject to closure after rain and is unfenced so animal hazards are likely. 

There is no fuel available at Exmouth Aerodrome at this time.   

Pilots are requested to limit operations over housing in the vicinity of the aerodrome.

Landing and overnight parking fees are applicable at Exmouth Aerodrome. Please contact Exmouth Airport operations on 08 9949 1326 for more information.

Public ablutions are available to the north of the southern parking area.  

Runways and Taxiways

There is 1 main runway at Exmouth Aerodrome (Runway 02/20) and is a 1260m long and 30m wide unsealed gravel strip with a 211m central sealed section. 

Aircraft parking

Transient aircraft parking is available to the south of the southern-most taxiway and is signposted as such.  Note that the area is a graded surface only and that there are no tie-down points.   

Radio Communications

CTAF 118.3

Aerodrome Lighting

Solar runway, threshold, IWI and southern taxiway lighting exists.  Lighting activates approximately 15 minutes prior to last light and deactivates around 15 minutes after first light.  No additional emergency lighting is available.

Navigational Aids

There are no navigational aids at Exmouth Aerodrome.

Refer to ERSA and other Airservices Australia publications for further details on Exmouth Aerodrome at www.airservicesaustralia.com.