Environmental Health Officers inspect public accommodation premises such as lodging houses, hotels, motels, bed and breakfast accommodation, caravan parks and camping grounds on a regular basis. Premises that provide accommodation are required to be licensed or registered with the local government.

For more information on applying for a licence please contact the Shire's Environmental Health Department on (08) 9949 3000.

Lodging House

A lodging house is defined under the Health (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1911 any building or structure, permanent or otherwise, and any part thereof, in which provision is made for lodging or boarding of more than six persons, exclusive of the family of the keeper thereof, for hire or reward.

There are three types of lodging house:

Recreational Campsite

  1. Situated on a campsite principally used for:
    1. Recreational, sporting, religious, ethnic or educational pursuits; or
    2. Conferences or conventions; and
  2. Where the period of occupancy of any lodger is not more than 14 consecutive days and includes youth camps, youth education camps, church camps and riding schools.

Serviced Apartment - A lodging house in which each sleeping apartment, or group of sleeping apartments in common occupancy, is provided with its own sanitary conveniences and may have its own cooking facilities.

Short Term Hostel – means a lodging house where the period of occupancy of any lodger is not more than 14 consecutive days and includes a youth hostel or a back packer hostel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast.

Lodging House Applications & Renewals

Camping on Private Land

The Western Australian parks and camping grounds legislation specifies the length of time a person can camp on land which they own or are legally permitted to camp on. The legislation states a person may camp for no longer than 3 consecutive days in any 28-day period. The rationale behind this is to effectively manage public health concerns such as potable water supply and waste disposal, as well as the need to provide a minimum habitable standard.

Stays for longer than this timeframe need to obtain written approval from the Shire. The Shire can approve stays up to 3 months any greater than this will need to be approved by the Minister.

Application for Temporary Accommodation 3 Months or Less

Temporary Accommodation during the construction of a dwelling

Written approval needs to be sought from the Shire if you wish to stay in temporary accommodation on your property while your dwelling is constructed. An application for Temporary Accommodation will need to be submitted to the Shire.

Application for Temporary Accommodation

Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Nature - based Camping

Application for Grant/Renewal of a Caravan Park

Application for Grant/Renewal of a Nature Based Park

Nature Based Park Guidelines

Nature Based Park Management Plan