There are three payment options available to ratepayers in the Shire of Exmouth.

  • Payment in full.
  • Payment by two instalments.
  • Payment by four instalments.

Payment Dates:

Payment in Full September
First instalment September
Second instalment November
Third instalment January
Fourth instalment April

Payment by an instalment option includes additional administration and interest charges as outlined in the annual fees & charges.

The amount of the first instalment includes any arrears which may be outstanding from the previous year/s. The instalment option is not available if arrears and any interest accrued to the date of issue are not included with the first instalment.

An Instalment Reminder Notice will be issued no less than 28 days before each instalment is due.

Penalty interest charges are calculated daily and will be imposed on rates outstanding more than 35 days after the issue of the rate notice. This also included instalments not paid by the due date.