Concerts & Events

Please note, all events are currently affected by the State Emergency COVID-19 Directions applicable at the time of the Event which may restrict the type, scale or conditions under which the Event can proceed. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to ensure they are aware of any relevant changes for further information visit

Welcome to the Shire of Exmouth, we are fortunate to experience an average of 320 days of sunshine, making this a perfect location for your next event. We encourage a diverse range of events and aim to bring your vision to life.

Under the Health (Public Building) Regulations 1992, outdoor events are considered public buildings. The definition of a public building (events) is a gathering of people brought together for a common purpose by some prearrangements whether they are events of a temporary nature or events that occur regularly and whether indoor or outdoor. Therefore a public building can range from a circus tent, pub, festival or open-air market.

In order to assist you with the process, the Shire has developed an information and application pack.

Some of the requirements covered within the pack are:

  • Amenities relevant to the expected attendance;
  • Accessible events (for both the event grounds in general and toilet facilities);
  • Risk and emergency management;
  • Fees, charges and venue hire

Organise an Event

  1. Obtain and read our Public Event Application Package.
  2. Once you have started the planning process arrange a meeting with our Events Coordinator, to discuss your application.
  3. Take the time to complete a risk assessment to determine the risk level of your event.
  4. Submit all forms and relevant external approvals to:
    Shire of Exmouth, PO Box 21, Exmouth WA 6707
  5. The Events Team will assess your application and liaise with you if there are any outstanding items.
  6. Once all requirements are satisfied an event approval will be issued.

Guides and Toolkits