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Please be aware, that due to Exmouth's unique location you may have to obtain several independent filming permits.


Generally speaking, film crews utilising public spaces and/or managed reserves (including town beaches/s) for nonexclusive use do not require any approvals from the local government authority.
The Shire does not charge a fee to film and/or photograph within our region. We do request that you complete the form below so that we can assess any requirements you may need.

Applications need to be submitted 21 business days before filming.

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No requests to the Department of Defence are registered or actioned without the lodgement of the Request for Defence Support form. Requests should be lodged at least 21 days before assistance is required.
Requests to film Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) assets require at least three months' notice.
Any requests received outside this timeframe may not be accommodated.

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Regulation 108 of the Conservation and Land Management Regulations 2002 requires any photographer taking images or footage for commercial purposes on Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions-managed lands to obtain lawful authority from
the Department. A commercial filming and photography form (2018) is to be submitted no less than 2 weeks in advance of the intended activity start date.

Non-commercial/private photography does not normally require lawful authority.

For more information on commercial filming activities, links to download the application form and the Commercial Filming and Photography Handbook, please visit the department’s website.

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