Residential Airfares

Regional Western Australians can now access affordable capped airfares when travelling to and from Perth - with the McGowan Government's Australian-first scheme taking flight from today.

Regional residents departing from an airport more than 1,000km driving distance from Perth will now pay no more than $299 for a one-way flight both ways when booked as a return flight.

How to access the Zone Cap Fare

Step 1: Register with Qantas to access the Zone Cap fares through their resident fare program. You will need to join the Qantas Frequent Flyer program (link below) or call 13 13 13

(the relevant link to Qantas is Discounted fares for residents | Qantas AU or ) .


Step 2: Log into the airline’s resident fare portal or call them using the details above, to access a Zone Cap fare. The Zone Cap fare must be booked on a return basis. 

Step 3: Once you have your Zone Cap fare ticket, travel as you usually would. There is nothing else that you have to do to in respect of your Zone Cap fare after you have flown.

Who is eligible for Zone Cap fares and where can you travel?

  • To be eligible to purchase Zone Cap fares you must be a regional resident of Western Australia. Regional residents are people who live outside of the Perth and Peel regions. 
  • The Zone Cap airfares are for personal travel to Perth only, and not for business travel or for travel where the airfare is paid by your employer. If you plan to travel for business, you will need to buy a retail fare, or a community airfare, if available.
  • Zone Cap fares must be booked as a return fare with travel originating from a regional destination, listed in the tables below, to Perth and back to the same regional destination. You will also be required to tick a declaration during the booking process stating that you are eligible for a Zone Cap fare. 
  • The Zone Cap is designed so regional residents travel from their nearest airport; however, some exceptions will apply for those living in between two airports. For example, a Leonora resident will qualify for the Zone Cap fare when flying from Leonora or Kalgoorlie to Perth. Fitzroy Crossing residents will be able to purchase Zone Cap fare tickets from Broome or Kununurra to Perth.
  • The Zone Cap fares are available on regional air routes directly operating to Perth, along with a few locations that don’t have a non-stop air route to Perth but have a stopover on the way (for example Perth-Laverton-Leonora). The eligible locations are listed in the tables below.
  • Zone Cap fares only apply on direct or triangulated flights to Perth and return. The Zone Cap fares are not available for connecting flights booked as separate tickets.

Are there any additional costs under the Zone Cap?

  • Optional extras, such as excess baggage, credit card booking fees, and in-flight meals or entertainment, may attract additional charges which may vary depending on the airline.
  • Currently, all resident fares include a checked and carry-on baggage allowance, but you should confirm this with your airline, as baggage allowances are not determined by the Zone Cap fares.
  • Passengers can make at least one flight change free of charge when travelling on a Zone Cap fare. Additional flight changes may attract additional charges which can vary from airline to airline.

What if I find a cheaper fare than the Zone Cap, can I still take advantage of sale fares?

  • Yes, you can still book a sale fare that is lower than the Zone Cap fare and is available. 
  • It is recommended that you first try the airline’s regular website, call centre or a travel agent, as there may be a fare lower than the Zone Cap fare. If there isn’t, you can use the airline’s resident fare portal or call centre to book a Zone Cap fare.
  • The Zone Cap fare works to reduce the maximum cost of airfares for residents. It is a cap.
  • Airlines will continue to offer the promotional, community and other special (sale) fares that would be cheaper than the Zone Cap fare. 

What are the booking conditions for the Zone Cap fare?

  • The Zone Cap fares must be booked on a return basis. 
  • The specific terms and conditions of an airline’s Zone Cap fare vary between airlines. For example, the number of resident fares you can purchase per year or the number of flight changes you can make free of charge may vary depending on the airline.
  • Some resident fares are non-refundable. Please check with the airline before booking your flight.

What will happen if I need to change the date of my return flight?

  • Passengers can make one flight change free of charge when travelling on a Zone Cap fare. Some airlines may offer additional changes, with or without a fee. Please check the terms and conditions of your specific fare before you book.

How many trips per year can I book using the Zone Cap fare?

  • In most cases, there are no limits on the number of Zone Cap fares which passengers can book. Where an airline does have a limit on the number of Zone Cap fares, a passenger can choose to fly with another airline if more than one airline operates on the route. 

Will the Zone Cap apply all year round or is it only for flights at non-peak times?

  • The Zone Cap fare applies all year-round, including during peak times, such as public and school holidays, subject to seat availability. 
  • If seats are not available on your preferred flight, you can consider other options, such as a different departure time or day, or flying with an alternative airline if possible.