Application for Development Approval

Development approval (also known as Planning approval) is required for most types of development and land use in the Shire of Exmouth. 

Development includes:

  • the erection, construction or demolition (some) of any building or structure (above or below ground)
  • building alterations or additions
  • excavation / fill works.

Most development/land use proposals require development approval from the local authority before they can proceed. To obtain development approval you need to lodge a development application with the Shire of Exmouth. The information below contains development application checklist and information sheets and aims to assist you in preparing and lodging a Development Application.

What needs to be submitted?

The following information needs to be submitted when lodging an application for development approval:

Application for Development Approval and Checklist

When you are prepared to submit a development application, a copy of the Application for Development Approval form can be downloaded here

Development Application Information sheets

Please view the relevant information sheets for guidance on what is required.

What happens after an application is submitted?

The development application is registered and referred to the Planning department for processing. The application is assessed in accordance with the Shire of Exmouth Local Planning Scheme No 4, Residential Design Codes, State Planning Policies and relevant Local Planning Policies. If any additional information is required, the applicant will receive correspondence outlining the required information.

Where required, the application will also be referred to adjacent and nearby landowners and/or occupiers for comment. The minimum referral timeframe is 14 days, however in some cases, the referral timeframe may be longer (e.g. 21 days).

Some applications may also require referral to other government authorities.

How long does it take to assess development applications?

The Planning Department has 60 statutory days (90 statutory days, if advertising and/or external consultation are required) in which to make a determination on an application for development approval. If a decision on a development application is not made within the relevant statutory timeframes, an automatic 'Deemed to be refused' notice can be issued. The relevant statutory timeframes can however be extended if the applicant agrees to this in writing, which will allow for the application to continue to be processed.