Rates are one of the sources of revenue the Shire uses to fund the community’s services and infrastructure. Council rates are supplemented by State and Federal Government grants and fees and charges to cover the cost of supporting the local community. Council services include:

  • Infrastructure and Property Services: local roads, bridges, footpaths, drainage, airport, heliport, waste collection and management.
  • Provision of Recreation Facilities: parks, playgrounds & ovals, swimming pool, recreation centre, Town Hall.
  • Health Services: water and food inspection, toilet facilities, noise control and animal control.
  • Community Services: community development, community group/event sponsorship.
  • Planning and Building Services
  • Administration of Facilities: cemeteries, public parking.
  • Cultural Facilities and Services: library, tourist information service and Ningaloo Aquarium & Discovery Centre

The rate in the dollar is determined based on the predicted revenue needed to meet budget requirements.

The Shire of Exmouth provides other services to the residents, which are chargeable, over and above the rates and provided in the annual fees & charges.

Anyone owning residential or commercial property within the Shire of Exmouth is a ratepayer and is required to pay the rates levied. Some government bodies, educational and registered charitable organisations are exempt from paying rates.

The rates notices are issued annually in July and are due September (single full payment) or September / November / January / April (four instalments).