Pilot Information

Movement Request

A Movement Request is required to be submitted to the Duty Reporting Officer a minimum of 24 hours prior to arrival for all aircraft for Department of Defence Approval.

Movement Request Form

The duty reporting officer can be contacted on:

Mobile: 0407 494 419
Email: aro@exmouth.wa.gov.au
Phone: 08 9949 1326


International Alternate 

Operators nominating Learmonth as an International Alternate must submit an alternate request and DCP for approval by the Department of Defence.  The Request form must be accompanied by a letter (on company letterhead) requesting approval and be submitted to the duty reporting officer. 

Note that provision of Ground Servicing Equipment is the responsibility of the airline.  Limited GSE is available for larger aircraft

Please Note: There is no ARFF service available at Learmonth Airport.

Alternate Request Form

RAAF Instruction & DCP Template

Learmonth Airport is a Security Controlled Airport.  Display of ASIC is required at all times.

Photography is not permitted at any time on the airfield or within the terminal.

Fees and Charges apply at Learmonth Airport 


Operational Facilities

Runways and Taxiways

There is 1 main runway at Learmonth Airport. The main runway (Runway 18/36) is 3047m long and 45m wide with a PCN of 43/F/A/1750(254psi)/T.  Taxiway Whisky (PCN 43/F/A/1750(254psi)/U) is the only taxiway to be used by civilian operations and is the only link to Learmonth Airport.

Aircraft Parking Aprons

There are 3 distinct aprons at the Civil Terminal - RPT, GA and Helicopter. All aprons are accessed via taxiway Whisky.

Learmonth Airport Aprons

The RPT apron has 3 primary bays:

Bay 1 is marked for B737/A320, B717 and F100 aircraft

Bay 2 is marked for F50, BAe146 and Q400 aircraft

Bay 3 is marked for B717-200, F100 and BAe146 aircraft  

An alternative bay for larger aircraft may be available but only under strict operational conditions. For further information, contact the Duty Reporting Officer.

The General Aviation (GA) apron has 3 marked parking bays and is located to the North of the RPT apron. Parking
on the GA apron is restricted to aircraft up to Code B.  Space is limited for General Aviation aircraft parking, and prior parking approval is required.

The Helicopter apron has 3 helicopter hot spots and is restricted to approved helicopter charter operators only. For further information, contact the Heliport Coordinator at 0427 744 153 or heliportops@exmouth.wa.gov.au.

Radio Communications

CTAF-AFRU 118.3 (R) except when Learmonth air traffic control and restricted areas are active.

Aerodrome Lighting

Solar runway, threshold, IWI and southern taxiway lighting exist.  Lighting activates approximately 15 minutes prior to the last light and is available until 2200 (local).
No additional emergency lighting is available.

Navigational Aids

Dual-sided Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) visual navigational aid, Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) and
VHF Omni Range (VOR) radio aids pilots.

Air Traffic Control

ATC may be in operation during military operations.  Refer to current NOTAM information.  Otherwise, there is no ATC facility at Learmonth Airport.

Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting

There is no rescue and fire fighting service provided at Learmonth Airport.

Refer to ERSA, NOTAMs and other Airservices Australia publications for full details on Learmonth Airport at