Murat Road and Truscott Crescent Shared Path Design Consultation

Published on Friday, 5 April 2024 at 12:00:00 PM

In collaboration with the Department of Transport, the Shire of Exmouth is designing a high-quality shared path linking the Recreation precinct and skate park with Town Beach via Murat Road and Truscott Crescent. The project aims to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists by providing a relatively uninterrupted route between these two activity nodes.
Truscott Crescent is a popular link for pedestrians and cyclists for recreational activities and access to Town Beach.
The proposed shared path aims to improve safety by removing cyclists and pedestrians from the roadway, reducing the interface and potential for conflict with motor vehicles. The proposed route aims to minimise road crossings for path users where possible and provide clear separation from traffic adjacent to Murat Road.
Construction of the shared path is proposed to commence during the 2024/25 Financial Year, with the Department of Transport providing 50% of funding for the project.