Exmouth takes action with relocation of childcare centre for future growth

Published on Thursday, 21 September 2023 at 3:46:28 PM


  • Relocation of childcare services to allow for a much-needed increase in childcare placements.
  • Exmouth’s Town Centre Revitalisation Plan aims to address the need for additional retail space to accommodate the population's future growth.
  • Continuance of a month-by-month peppercorn lease for the current Childcare provider, One TreeBernice McLeod Day Care, until the new operator commences.


Exmouth Takes Action With Relocation Of Childcare Centre For Future Growth

Finding a spot in early learning and care can be challenging, no matter where you are in Australia. However, it becomes even more difficult for families living in regional areas, where available places are severely limited.

Realising the need for more accessible and reliable childcare options in Exmouth, the Shire of Exmouth took a significant step forward during yesterday's Ordinary Council Meeting, as Councillors voted to initiate a restricted tender process, aiming to bring in a new childcare operator to address the growing demand for early learning and care services in the area and work towards the revitalisation and town centre as Exmouth keeps growing.

As part of this process, the Chief Executive Officer, Ben Lewis, was authorised to enter into a lease agreement with the successful tenderer for the premises located at Lot 320 (24) Maidstone Crescent in Exmouth. This decision was made after an expression of interest (EOI) process aimed to ensure a fair and equitable approach to leasing the premises within the town centre without limiting the potential respondent.

This move signifies the Shire's commitment to providing a suitable space for the new childcare operator to establish their services. Furthermore, to ensure a smooth transition and uninterrupted childcare services, the Shire of Exmouth also approved the continuation of a month-by-month peppercorn lease for the current childcare provider, One Tree Bernice McLeod Day Care. This arrangement will remain in place until the new operator officially commences their operations.



“There is a current shortage of available spaces for daycare in Exmouth. These developments are a significant step forward for families in Exmouth who have been struggling to find quality early learning and care options for their children.”

“The relocation of the childcare centre to a new location follows recommendations of the Hassel Report and will develop and allow for future retail growth within the town centre as per our Town Centre and Foreshore Revitalisation Plan.”


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Sandra Flint, Coordinator Communications & Marketing, Shire of Exmouth
M: 0459 431 439 | E: sflint@exmouth.wa.gov.au

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