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  • Cape Range Riders

    Cape Range Riders is a mountain bike club for riders of all ages and abilities. We have multiple group rides every week, rides for women, workshops and coaching clinics, events and social gatherings.

    PO BOX 54 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Amateur Swimming Club

    Exmouth Amateur Swimming Club is a community and family-based club based on the North West Cape of Western Australia aiming to foster a love of swimming amongst the youth of Exmouth. New members are always welcome poolside.

    0439 742 377
    Exmouth Paltridge Memorial Pool Australia
    PO BOX 216 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Basketball Association

    Exmouth Basketball Association is a family friendly club that encourages family participation

    PO BOX 768 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Bowling Club

    We are a local sporting club run by a committee & volunteers. We provide Lawn Bowls for residents & tourists with the aim of increasing community engagement in participation in local events & in community life, by promoting social interaction & fitness well-being of the local community.

    0447 260 856
    Payne Street Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 6 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Cape Board Riders Club

    Boardriders is a family friendly club that operates April-October.

    0429 049 939
    PO BOX 268 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Cricket Association

    Friday Night Cricket for Juniors and Seniors. Season starts November-March, with a break over the Christmas period.

    0418 891 979
  • Exmouth Eagles Football Club

    A diverse football club for people of all ages gender or race regardless of experience.

    0438 958 257
    Willersdorf Rd Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 181 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Eagles Junior Football Club

    Offering Junior Football programs for all kids ages 5 and up.

    0438 958 257
    Willersdorf St Australia
    PO BOX 181 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Game Fishing Club

    The Exmouth Game Fishing Club Sports Bar & Restaurant is situated in the Exmouth Marina, at the end of Madaffari Drive. An amazing venue with incredible views over Exmouth Gulf, the EGFC Sports Bar & Restaurant features a huge big screen playing all the major sporting events and specialises in fresh local seafood, as well as the best value drinks in Exmouth. Opening times – Every Thursday to Sunday from 5pm – 8pm

    9949 4567
    0439 470 711
    64 Exmouth Marina, Madaffari Dr Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 121 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Golf Club

    Founded in 1969 the Exmouth Golf Club is a very successful sporting club that provides and maintains an 18-hole golf course for the use and enjoyment of its members, the Exmouth community and visitors to Exmouth.

    9949 1066
    Lot 1431 Willersdorf Rd Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 325 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Gymnastics Club

    Our club runs all year round offering classes to a range of ages from 1 year old and up. Exmouth Gymnastic Club is a not for profit community organisation which aims to provide a safe environment for young people to participate in a range of Gymsports in a fun, safe and supportive environment.

    Exmouth Hall 16 Maidstone Cr Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 302 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Horseman's Club

    Exmouth Horsemans Club is a fun, relaxed and passionate group of horse owners who enjoy learning and participating in a wide range of equine activities and having a go at all disciplines. We love to spend time with our horses in this amazing part of the world we get to call home!

    PO BOX 145 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Junior Sports & Recreation Club

    Located in Exmouth we are a volunteer based club committed to Sport and recreation. A variety of term by term sport options as well as fun pop up recreational activities.

  • Exmouth Kart Club

    The Exmouth Kart Club is a member of the Karting Association of Western Australia. It is a club registered as a not-for-profit incorporated association with a primary objective of hosting karting events and any other means to further promote the sport. Karting is fast becoming a very popular past time for both males and females alike. It is an inexpensive way for the whole family to enjoy the thrills of motor racing, catering from children as young as seven right through to grandparents.

    0408 604 525
    183 Murat Rd Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 638 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Ladies Darts Association

    Exmouth Women's Darts - Western Australia play every Tuesday night starting at 6.30 at the Truscott Club.

    0427 044 733
    PO BOX 56 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Mens Darts Association

    Exmouth Mens Darts runs a 4 man per team league each year that starts in March and is open to all levels of players.

    0477 073 943
    PO BOX 411 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Motorcycle Club
    0417 171 466
  • Exmouth Netball Association

    The Exmouth Netball Association is a fun and vibrant sporting association catering to those who want to get involved in the community, create lasting friendships, get active all while participating in the sport of Netball

    0401 354 985
    Exmouth District High School Hard Courts Australia
    PO BOX 90 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Squash Club

    Exmouth Squash Club is a social squash club that wishes to promote squash to players of all levels from the novice to expert players.

    0407 435 030
    Murat Rd Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 395 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Taekwondo
    0498 696 710
  • Exmouth Tennis Club

    Members Sign up using this link here Court booking online $10 per hour (no lights) & $15 per hour (lights included)

    0498 137 229
    Willersdorf Rd Exmouth WA 6707
  • Exmouth Touch Football Association

    Exmouth Touch Football Association caters for anyone wanting to play Touch Footy from ages 4 and up

    0407 981 678
    PO BOX 14 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Exmouth Yacht Club

    The Exmouth Yacht Club is a family friendly venue, right on the beachfront. Whether you are a keen sailor, want to learn to sail or simply sit back, relax and enjoy the view while the children play, you are welcome to join us.

    9949 1549
    Lot 837 Friedman Way Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 190 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Jaws Fight Club (Jaws FC)

    JAWS FC is the only place to come in the North West to learn Krav Maga, Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Women's Boxing and Women's Self Defence we have a strong youth Self Defence and Combat Sport Program from ages 5 to 16 taught by accredited coaches in a family friendly environment.

    0405 755 542
    13 Patterson Way Exmouth 6707
  • Sporting Shooters Association Australia W16 Exmouth Branch

    The sport of shooting is one which can be enjoyed by the vast majority of people and we invite you to come along and see what this great sport is all about. Open days and visits are possible Wednesday afternoon, Saturday morning and Sunday. Please email us or call, so we can accommodate your visit.

    0419 949 051
    284 Murat Rd Exmouth Australia WA 6707
    PO BOX 34 Exmouth Australia WA 6707
  • Stephen Micheal Foundation

    The Stephen Michael Foundation was formed by the South Fremantle Football Club (“SFFC”) to work in the communities within their recruiting regions of Metropolitan South, Upper Great Southern and Gascoyne. SFFC was established in 1900 and has been a successful club in the West Australian Football League (“WAFL”). OUR VISION Communities are strong and inclusive with ongoing opportunities for young people to participate and grow. OUR MISSION Through collaborative and sustainable sporting, education, employment, wellbeing and leadership programs, the Stephen Michael Foundation supports young people to become valued members of our community regardless of cultural background, gender or social circumstances.

    Caleb Condor (Gascoyne Program Officer)
    0473 410 037