Council Policy

The Local Government Act 1995 empowers Council in the determination of policy under section 2.7 Role of Council - “(2)(b) determine the local government’s policies.”

The Shire of Exmouth maintains a Council Policy manual, recording the various policies of the Council.

The objectives of the Council’s Policy Manual are:

  • To provide Council with a formal written record of all policy decisions;
  • To provide the staff with precise guidelines in which to act in accordance with Council’s wishes;
  • To enable the staff to act promptly in accordance with Council’s requirements, but without continual reference to Council;
  • To enable Councillors to adequately handle enquiries from electors without undue reference to the staff or the Council;
  • To enable Council to maintain a continual review of Council Policy decisions and to ensure they are in keeping with community expectations, current trends and circumstances; and
  • To enable ratepayers to obtain immediate advice on matters of Council Policy.

Council endorses the annual review of all policies. Amendments or the creation of a new policy is undertaken whenever it is considered necessary.

Click here to view the complete current Council Policy Manual.