Council Policy

The Local Government Act 1995 empowers Council in the determination of policy under s2.7 Role of Council - “(2) (b) determine the local government’s policies.”

Council Policies provides what can be done, CEO Policies/Management Practices provide how it is done and delegation provides who can do it.

The Shire needs Council Policies and CEO Policies/Management Practices to guide both its direction and operations and Planning policies relating to planning and development within Local Planning Scheme areas.

Council Policies

Council policies set governing principles and guide the direction of the organisation to align with community values and aspirations. These policies have a strategic, external focus and align with the mission, vision, and strategic direction of the Shire.

Council Policies are developed to further the achievement of the Shire’s strategic goals or contribute to outcomes relating to mandatory obligations. They are defined courses of action related to circumstances which guide the employee in what is permissible when dealing with related matters.

Policies arise generally in response to:

  • Discretionary legislated powers; and/or
  • Non-legislated functions/activities of Council, e.g., provision of Community Services, and mainly relate powers under the Local Government Act 1995.

Council Policy provides for “the rationale and guiding principles of what can be done”, and CEO/Management Practices explains “how” Management will implement or carry out that Policy.

Importantly, some Council Policies, are required by legislation to be adopted by Council such as:

It is important to note that some Policies are legislatively binding (and required to be developed and applied pursuant to the Local Government Act 1995):

  • Professional Development for Councillors,
  • Attendance/Tickets to Events,
  • Code of Conduct for Councillors, Committee Members, and Candidates,
  • Gratuities for Employees,
  • CEO Standards,
  • ACEO,
  • Legal representation,
  • Financial hardship,
  • Regional Price Preference Policy,
  • Purchasing Policy

Council endorses the annual review of all Council policies. Amendments or the creation of a new policy is undertaken when it is considered necessary.

Click here to view the complete current (adopted 15/12/2022) Council Policy Manual.