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Food Safety

The Shire's Environmental Health Officers conduct regular inspections of all food businesses in the Shire and take a range of food samples for analysis and testing. Advice is given to proprietors and food handlers regarding food handling and hygiene techniques and other procedures/requirements that should be followed to help ensure the production and service of safe food.

Food poisoning- costs Australia millions of dollars every year through loss of work, medical bills, and loss of business. This is why good food hygiene is so important. It is not only commercial premises where food poisoning can occur, as much as 70% of all food poisoning occurs in the home.

Im Alert

I’m Alert- Interactive Online Food Safety Training

I’m alert is an interactive food safety program which has been designed for food handlers to increase knowledge of safe food preparation techniques as well as knowledge of food poisoning and the spread of bacteria. This is provided free of charge by the Shire of Exmouth to any person who wishes to take part and encourages all food handlers to participate in the training.

The program is licensed through Environmental Health Australia (EHA). Please click on the below links for further information and to complete the online training. 

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Food Safe

Food safe is another comprehensive training tool also available from EHA. As well as the original DVD course FoodSafe now offers and online alternative - FoodSafe online. The same lessons are taught but with an easy to use interface that will save you time and money.

For more information about FoodSafe, FoodSafe Plus and FoodSafe Online visit the FoodSafe Website.

Food Sampling

The Shire's Environmental Health Officers work in partnership with the Local Health Authorities Analytical Committee (LHAAC)  in relation to a state-wide food-sampling program whereby samples of different types of foods are collected from food businesses and analysed for content and compliance with the food standards code.

Food Business Notification

Any business, individual or not-for-profit group that sells food is required under the Food Act 2008 to notify the Shire of their activities. The notification is only required once, unless the food activities change. This includes one off fundraising events for community/charitable groups. 

Food Business Registration

It is an offence to conduct a food business at any premise unless that food business is registered with the Shire. This enables the Shire to be aware of all food businesses trading within its responsible area and collect information in relation to food handling so that appropriate food safety education, surveillance, enforcement and awareness
programs can be developed and implemented.

Initial registration is a once off process where the application is assessed, once approved the registration is renewed on an annual basis. Food businesses will be subjected to surveillance by the Shire's Environmental Health Officers, frequency of inspections will be determined by the risk classification assigned to the business and compliance with the Food Act 2008.

Food Business Registration Application

Temporary Food Businesses

A temporary food business approval is required prior to conducting a food stall within the Shire of Exmouth. An application form is available from the Shire Office.

Foods that can be cooked onsite such as a barbeque are encouraged because of the low risk nature of the food. A
stallholder must be able to show that the food will be kept in a safe and hygiene condition for the duration of the stall. High-risk foods, which need to be kept either above 60°C or below 5°C, are discouraged for use at temporary stalls.

Notification for Food Stalls & Temporary Food Businesses