Online Form - Application for Fit Out of Hairdressing or Skin Penetration Premise

Skin penetration and hairdressing establishments are required by law to notify the local government in which they intend to operate in and must comply with the Health (Skin Penetration Procedures) Regulations 1998 and Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972. The regulations outline the minimum standards of infection control such as basic hygiene, disinfection and sterilisation requirements.

Establishing a skin penetration/hairdressing establishment in the Shire of Exmouth can require compliance with several areas including Planning and Building. In the first instance, you should contact the Shire of Exmouth as your application may involve:

Town Planning – Liaise with Town Planner
Please make preliminary contact with a Town Planner to ascertain whether you need to apply for development approval prior to the use commencing. Fees and charges may apply.

Building Compliance – Liaise with Building Surveyor
Please make preliminary contact with the Building Surveyor to ascertain whether the level of shop fit out/alteration you are intending requires a building permit and submission of plans. Fees and charges may apply.

Environmental Health – Liaise with Environmental Health Officer

The premise must comply with the relevant health legislation. Application/Notification Fee: $113.00. Inspection fees are $72.00/hour with minimum fee $40.00. Inspection fees are invoiced as they are conducted.

Please note: The above is a Shire of Exmouth process only and you need to make all the other necessary enquiries with any external agencies that may be pertinent to your skin penetration proposal.

If you have any questions or concerns with the application process please contact Shire of Exmouth Health Services on 9949 3000.

Premise/Business Details

Type of Business *

Proprietors Details

I have read Hairdressing Establishment Regulations 1972 *
I have read the Health (Skin Penetration Procedures) Regulations 1998 and Code of Practice for Skin Penetration Businesses *
I have consulted with Planning and Building Services when relevant to my application *

Please attach plans of the proposed premises with this application
-Work area (type of floor covering, walls ceiling, shelves and fitting);
-Work station/s;
-Hand washing basin supplied with hot and cold water;
-Instruments and equipment storage area;
-General waste, hair wastes and medical waste receptacles;
-Laundry facilities; and
-Natural / Mechanical Ventilation (for example: windows, evaporative air conditioner outlet etc.)

Details of Proposed Operations

Please check all relating to your operations *

Do you provide refreshments for customers (complimentary drinks/food) *
Please outline PPE used *

Do you have a sharps container (AS 4031)

Please attach information outlining how you undertake the following procedures


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