Tuesday 31 March 2020 - 12.00 PM

Disclaimer - The State Government has declared a Public Health Emergency, Human Biosecurity Emergency and a State of Emergency for Western Australia.
This information is considered valid as at the date of publication (shown above). Updates will be provided only as, and when, relevant information becomes available.

COVID-19 | Current Update

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to unfold, the Shire of Exmouth first priority will remain the health and safety of our community, customers and staff. We are endeavouring to keep our facilities open. Unfortunately this has not been entirely possible with a number of facilities being closed. Closed facilities can still be contacted by phone and email if necessary.
While the Ningaloo Centre, including the Visitor Centre and the Shire Administration Offices are closed to the public, our team can still be contacted via phone, email or facebook during business hours. 

Hard copy application forms and cheque payments can be posted in lieu of dropping them off to our office. Postal address: PO Box 21, 2 Truscott Crescent Exmouth WA 6707

Eftpos/Card is the preferred method of payment across all facilities. 


  • Shire of Exmouth Administration Offices, incl. all regular Shire services
    • Development Applications >> 
    • Building Permits >>
    • Rate Enquiries >>
    • Dog Registrations >>
    • Cat Registrations >>
    • More Services >>
  • Learmonth Airport | Heliport | Aerodrome
  • Qualing Scarp Landfill Site (The Tip) 
  • Rubbish Collection
  • Toilets: Town Beach, Kennedy St, Bundegi Beach


  • Customers Service closed for face-to-face enquiries - please call or email
  • All public water fountains are closed to assist in reducing contamination.
  • Public toilets are or will be closed to assist reducing contamination
    • Tantabiddi Boat Ramp
    • Wobiri Beach 
    • Hunters Beach
    • Dunes Beach
    • Pebble Beach
    • Bonefish
    • Federation Park
    • Learmonth Jetty
  • All public halls and facilities are closed following Governments recommendations
    • Spray Park
    • Town Hall
    • Senior Citizen Centre
    • Shire overflow facilities (camping)
    • Library
    • Recreation Centre
    • Ningaloo Centre, including Ningaloo Visitor Attractions
    • Paltridge Memorial Swimming Pool
    • Public parks, including Skatepark
    • Playgrounds
    • Public BBQs & Picnic Shelters

How the Shire of Exmouth is responding

As we are sure you can appreciate, Council will be reviewing this position regularly and will advise the community if this position changes. We have put a range of measures in place to manage potential risks in accordance with advice provided by the State and Federal Governments.

  • We’re monitoring developments relating to COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) daily and assessing any potential impact on Shire services and events.
  • We have mobilised a COVID-19 response team, and we are actively following the advice received from medical and Government authorities to ensure we are equipped with the latest information and are providing trusted information on our website and Social Media Channels. 
  • We have activated local emergency management arrangements and business continuity plans.
  • We are planning to maintain essential services to residents and businesses during this period and will take advice on all public health matters from the state and federal health departments. 
  • We are committed to keeping you informed and to operate our services for as long as possible whilst also providing regular updates.

Protecting yourself and others

You should practise good hygiene and social distancing to prevent the spread of viruses. You should also follow the government’s advice for travellers and advice for public gatherings and visits to vulnerable groups.

Find out:

People who are over 70, people with chronic illness over 60 and Indigenous people over 50 are strongly advised to stay home!



 Public Gatherings and Travel

Public Gatherings | Events

Non-essential, organised gatherings of 500 or more people can no longer go ahead. 

Non-essential indoor gatherings of more than 100 people have also been banned by the Federal Government.

Under the Public Health Act and Emergency Management Act, penalties will include $1,000 fines for individuals and $5,000 fines for businesses who disobey the rules.

Essential activities include:

  • essential workplaces, where you cannot work from home
  • health care settings
  • pharmacies
  • food shopping
  • schools and universities, where you cannot study from home
  • public transport and airports

These essential gatherings must apply social distancing and good hygiene practices, including:

  • being able to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between people
  • providing hand hygiene products and suitable rubbish bins, with frequent cleaning and waste disposal


Stay at home unless you are:

  • going to work or education (if you are unable to do so at home)
  • shopping for essential supplies such as groceries - return home without delay
  • going out for personal exercise in the neighbourhood, on your own or with one other person
  • attending medical appointments

Whenever you are out of the home, always practice good physical distancing and hand hygiene.

WA border controls

The WA Government will implement new restrictions and arrival requirements to travel to Western Australia from other Australian States and Territories — by road, rail, air and sea — in response to COVID-19:


  • Unless exempted, arrivals from interstate will be ordered to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Exemptions will apply to essential services and essential workers, including health and emergency services, defence and policing, mining industry workforces, flight crews and freight of essential goods, via ports and trucks – with strict guidelines in place to monitor and manage this.
  • There will also be exemptions granted on compassionate grounds and where people live near border communities.
  • Arrivals will have to show they meet the essential arrival criteria to be granted an exemption.
  • Enforcement of the border restrictions will be rolled out with checkpoint stops.

This has been enacted through a formal declaration under the Emergency Management Act. Effective from 1.30pm (AWST) Tuesday, March 24 2020. 

Restrictions to access the Kimberley and remote Aboriginal communities

Self-Isolation Test and Close Contact Directions

Self-Isolation Following Interstate Travel Directions

Self-Isolation Following Overseas Travel Directions

Need Help?

Questions regarding self-isolation and quarantine?

If you have any queries or concerns related to health or isolation requirements you need to contact the Coronavirus Health Information hotline 1800 020 080

Department of Communities - Disaster and Emergency Support Services

Under the Western Australian emergency management arrangements, the Department of Communities is responsible for coordinating the provision of welfare support services to people affected by an emergency or disaster.

Currently, the Department is responsible for the welfare support of those people who have been instructed by the Health Department to quarantine/self-isolate for 14 days only. Communities Emergency Services Unit have been authorised to provide assistance to those members of the community who the Health Department have instructed to quarantine/self-isolate and who are experiencing genuine hardship as a result of the COVID 19 event.

If you have are currently affected and require assistance, please ring the Disaster Relief Hotline: 1800 032 965 or email emergencyservices@cpfs.wa.gov.au.   

Types of emergency services coordinated by the Department are:

  • Emergency Catering:
    Provision of meals for those rendered homeless, evacuees and welfare workers in welfare evacuation centres or assistance to help people purchase food.
  • Emergency Accommodation: ergency shelter (eg. evacuation centre) to medium term overnight accommodation.
  • Emergency Clothing and Personal Requisites:
    For example, toiletries and pharmaceuticals.
  • Personal Support Services:
    Including practical assistance, emotional support, information, referral, advocacy, counselling, childcare and psychological services.
  • Financial Assistance:
    May be available to those affected by emergencies who are assessed as eligible and in need.

Financial Support for Individuals

Centrelink have provided information and services to help you if you’re affected by (COVID-19).

As a ratepayer who is presently suffering financial hardship and wish to receive consideration in this regard, you can submit a Financial Hardship Application to the Shire of Exmouth. If a complete application is submitted, no interest will be charged until after Council determined the eligibility of a financial hardship support.

Financial Counselling Service 1800 007 007

Financial Support for Small Business Owners

Financial Counselling Service 1800 007 007

The latest information and advice for business and industry regarding COVID-19 coronavirus by the Department of the Premier and Cabinet can be found here.

The Government of Western Australia Small Business Development Corporation offers further information regarding the stimulus/relief package here.

As a ratepayer who is presently suffering financial hardship and wish to receive consideration in this regard, you can submit a Financial Hardship Application to the Shire of Exmouth. If a complete application is submitted, no interest will be charged until after Council determined the eligibility of a financial hardship support.

Mental Health Support

To find self-help or peer support groups, visit the My Services online directory. You can search by your own location, or search for services in a major town or city.

Frequently Asked Questions
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You can access the Shire of Exmouth FAQs here. This information is considered valid as at the date of publication (shown above). Updates will be provided only as, and when, relevant. 

Local Assistance Hub

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We’ve created our COVID-19 Local Assistance Hub to help empower our communities during a time of crisis and work together closely with locally organised Facebook Group . Complete the form if you need a hand or can lend a hand.


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