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Ningaloo Trails Masterplan

The area’s natural beauty and biological diversity was recognised in 2011 when the World Heritage Committee recognised the outstanding universal value of the area's diverse and abundant marine life, its amazing cave fauna and the spectacular contrast between the colourful underwater scenery and the arid and rugged land of the Cape Range and inscribed the Ningaloo Coast on the World Heritage List. 

The Shire of Exmouth is developing a number of recreational trails to improve outdoor recreational opportunities and connections for residents and to showcase the area’s unique environment and attract visitors.

The Ningaloo Trails Master Plan is intended to address: 

  • The current situation of trails in the Shire of Exmouth
  • The context, trends and markets in trails in Australia and internationally
  • The appropriate mix and standard of trail experiences to be provided to meet market needs (both community and visitors)
  • Current events and opportunities for improvement
  • Sustainable management, maintenance and partnerships for trail networks
  • Investment needs and opportunities
  • Social and economic benefits from trails.

Trail Vision

The Ningaloo Coast, Cape Range and the Shire of Exmouth will be recognised as the place where all people connect to the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area and spectacular scenery through unique opportunities, experiencing adventure, contemplation and scenic beauty through popular and sustainable trails.

Exmouth will have ongoing development of a range of trails that focus on the uniquely Ningaloo Exmouth experience and encourage local participation, community benefit and wellbeing.

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The trails recommended within the Ningaloo Trails Master Plan include:

Unique Trails Showcasing World Heritage

It is proposed to develop two new unique trail experiences that showcase the outstanding features of the Ningaloo World Heritage Coast and that have the potential to become iconic trails. 

  • Multi-Day Sea Kayaking trail providing 12 well positioned camping sites on the shoreline of the lagoons for 45 kilometres inside the fringing reef.
  • Ningaloo Sculpture Trail incorporating the development of intertidal and sub tidal sculptures to provide a unique trail experience that promotes and celebrates World Heritage and cultural values.

Improved Ningaloo Coast Trail Opportunities

  • North West Cape Short Walk to complement the seven existing short walks and provide locals and visitors with a scenic and heritage North West Cape experience.
  • Cape Range Crossing Trail to provide walking and mountain bike experiences across the range from Exmouth to the Ningaloo Coast.

Mountain Bike Hub

  • Combining with the Cape Range Crossing Trail for a shared use trail to the Ningaloo Coast.  Developing trails close to Exmouth in the Exmouth Water Reserve outer catchment and on Unallotted Crown Land that provide for a range of skills.
  • Linking trails to the Exmouth Recreation Area and the Ningaloo Centre.
  • Develop a Mountain Bike Skills Park and cycling activity area including Skills, Pump and BMX Tracks.
  • Providing level mountain bike trails area on Unallotted Crown Land to the south of the town.
  • Expanding mountain biking opportunities in the Badjirrajirra Shared Use Trail area.

 Ningaloo Centre Trail Hub

  • Exmouth Town loops and connections to provide popular shared use trail access for locals and visitors to link to the Ningaloo Centre and other important destinations in the town such as the Recreation Area and the beach.
  • Exmouth Gulf Trail to provide locals and visitors with a shared use trail from the Ningaloo Centre to the Exmouth Gulf beach and incorporating a Ningaloo Centre Trail Head and Exmouth Gulf lookout.

Four Wheel Driving

  • Ningaloo Yardie Creek Road and the 4WD sandy track that follows the coast to Coral Bay provides a unique coastal driving experience.
  • Sandy Bay Track proposed as a new land journey and regional drive loop which (subject to land transfers and approvals) links Learmonth to the Ningaloo Yardie Creek Road across the range. Experience for 4WD vehicles, motor bikes and other road registered off road vehicles. Also provides an alternative vehicle trail experience when access across Yardie Creek mouth is closed.

For more information or to read the full Ningaloo Trails Master Plan click here.