Heliport Passenger Information

Checking In

For some locations, there is more than one departing flight per day.  Please check the passenger list located next to Briefing Room 1 and present to check-in when your flight is called.

At check-in you will be required to present photographic Identification  and in some cases your HUET card and MSIC. Please note that some passenger and hand luggage may need to be weighed at this point. Now is the time to switch off your mobile phone and other electronic devices and stow them in your hand luggage. 

You will then be required to perform breath analysis.  Failure to pass breath analysis may result in failure to fly.

Next, proceed to check-in of hand luggage.  Your hand luggage will be searched for prohibited items.  Note that
each company has their own restrictions around some items.  Loose items, such as soft cover books, magazines, water bottles etc may be allowed on board the helicopter.

Your flight will be called to briefing prior to departure.   You will be required to undergo a search to ensure no prohibited items are being carried.  NO MOBILE PHONES OR PORTABLE ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE ALLOWED ON YOUR PERSON.

At the completion of briefing, you will be issued life jackets and hearing protection.  Ear plugs must be worn under hearing protection.

Follow the ground crew’s instructions to safely board the aircraft.

Baggage Restrictions

10kg limit per piece of baggage, preferably flexible material bags. Tool boxes/rigid boxes must be deposited as freight.

Prohibited Items

Passengers are not permitted to travel with the following items:

Alcohol                                                          Magnetic Material  
Lighters / Matches                                        Radioactive Material
Firearms                                                       Pressure Packs / Aerosols (if not lockable)    
Drugs (non prescriptive)                               Any other Dangerous Goods

Security Notice

All knives, sharp objects or cutting implements of any kind and any length, whether metal or other material, can not be carried in your cabin baggage or on your person.

Allowable Carry On Items

No personal effects apart from soft cover books and bound A4 size magazines (depending upon Company policy).

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

When travelling, please ensure you wear closed footwear, long trousers, appropriate shirt with sleeves and no  hats.

Mobile Phones & Electronic Equipment

These items cannot be carried on your person and must be turned off and placed in luggage. 


Your current HUET and photographic identification must be carried at all times and presented when checking in.  Your MSIC may also be required.