Online Form - Ningaloo Eclipse in Exmouth | Accommodation - Register Holiday Home/Accommodation

The Shire of Exmouth is inviting landowners or residents with landowners' consent to be an active part of a sustainable accommodation solution for the region during the event of the Ningaloo Eclipse*.

Timeframe: 6 April 2023 and 4 May 2023

Fee: $35.00

Development approval will not be required for proposals that comply with the provisions of Policy 6.27 - Temporary Accommodation - Ningaloo Eclipse Event, in accordance with Schedule 2, clause 61(2)(g) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015.

 *Please note, each property may only be registered once and may only be used for EITHER a Holiday House/Holiday Accommodation OR a Campsite.

I am the landowner of this property OR I have consent from the landowner and a copy of the land owner consent is attached. *
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
Only bedrooms will be used for sleeping purposes. *
A maximum of 12 people will be accommodated at the dwelling. *
The number of people sleeping in each room does not exceed the below: • People aged 1 – 10 years have 8m3 of air space per person • People aged 10+years have 14m3 of air space per person *
My property has enough space for 1 vehicle per 4 guests to be parked. *
A maximum of 5 vehicles (including trailers and boats) will be parked on the property. *
All vehicles (including boats and trailers) on my lot during the event will be parked fully within the lot boundaries and not on the street, verge or neighbouring properties. *
I will provide one (1) fire extinguisher (4.5kg Powder ABE portable fire extinguisher) in a location that is easily accessible for all camp sites *
A first aid kit will be available on the lot in a place that is easily accessible by all guests. *
A suitable rubbish container will be provided for the camp sites and all rubbish will be disposed of properly. *
The house number for my dwelling is easily visible from the road. *
I have consulted with AND notified relevant insurance providers of the temporary accommodation at the property. *
I have attached a management statement to this registration application outlining the following: • Operation management • Rubbish collection • Maintenance • Noise • Fire escape route • Emergency contacts • Security • Occupant rules • What do to in a cyclone event • What to do/what to avoid during heavy rain events • Next of Kin details for guests (if known). *
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
I have provided an Emergency Plan with my Management Statement to all guests, my neighbours and the Shire of Exmouth. *
Maximum size of ALL attachments is 976.56 MB
I will provide a copy of the management statement to all guests on their arrival and to my neighbours. *
I am aware that once bookings are confirmed/guests have arrived, they will be required to sign the management statement and provide next of kin details. The management statement will be kept by the caretaker for the dwelling. *
There will be a caretaker/manager who lives locally and can be at the property within 10 minutes can be contacted at any time by guests. *
I will notify all adjoining neighbours that visitors will be staying at the property and will provide them with the contact details of the caretaker/manager. *
For a successfull application you have to tick all three (3) checkboxes. *