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Strategic Community Reference Group

The Shire of Exmouth’s Strategic Community Reference Group (SCRG) was established in March, 2017 to provide advice to Council on matters of significant community interest and provide input into the Shire’s strategic planning processes.

Members of the group were chosen to represent a broad cross section of the community and ensure a diversity of views could be presented to Council. The group’s 11 community representative were drawn from areas including local business, seniors, tourism, defence, health, sport and culture and environment.   

The Strategic Community Reference Group will be also have the ability to seek input, advice and assistance from other members of the community in areas where they need additional information.  The role of the group is to provide a community voice to Council.

Who are the group's members?

Kerry Graham (Chairman) – Freeman of the Exmouth Shire and community representative

Mark Lucas (Deputy Chairperson) – CBD businesses

Ned Haywood – Defence, sport and culture

Jacqueline Hine – Cape Conservation Group, environment and conservation

Ann Preest – North West Cape Exmouth Aboriginal Corporation

Sgt Paul World – Exmouth Police Officer in Charge

Shane Coote – Oil and gas industry

Lloyd Goodlad – Seniors

Emma Howard – Exmouth hospital and health services

Mick Husband – tourism

Barry Sullivan – Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ian Fletcher – Commissioner Shire of Exmouth

What kind of matters will the Strategic Community Reference Group discuss?

The Strategic Community Reference Group will provide Council with information and advice on matters of significant community interest as well as the Shire’s integrated strategic planning. Other matters can be referred to the group by Council or the Chief Executive Officer. 

How can we find out what the SCRG is discussing?

Agendas and minutes from SCRG meetings will be publicly available on the Shire of Exmouth website. Members are happy to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the SCRG and represent difference views at meetings.

How often will they meet?

The Strategic Community Reference Group aims to meet once a month.

How were members chosen?

Members of the group were chosen by Commissioner based on their ability to represent the community and contribute to achieving the group’s aims and objectives. The initial term of membership is two years.  Should a vacancy occur at any time the position will be filled by the Council inviting nominations from the community.  Council will then select a candidate in consultation with the SCRG based on nominations received.

Does the SCRG have any decision making powers?

The strategic community reference group has no delegated powers or authority to represent the Shire of Exmouth, implement resolutions or commit Council to the expenditure of funds. Members of the group must comply with the Shire of Exmouth’s Code of Conduct.

How can I find out more or get in contact with members?

For more information contact the Shire on 9949 3021.