Exmouth 2030 Strategic Community Plan

The adoption of this Strategic Community Plan, Exmouth 2030, by the Shire of Exmouth Council marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the Shire of Exmouth. 

In developing Exmouth 2030, the Shire sought the views and aspirations of the community, through public meetings, focus groups and surveys, about where our community should be by 2030.  

Almost 20 per cent of the community participated in the Strategic Community Plan public consultation.  This is well above the 10% standard outlined in the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework and Guidelines published by the Department of Local Government Sport and Cultural Industries.  This engagement gave voice to the community and your responses gave us a valuable insight into your aspirations for the future. 

Analysis of community feedback and survey data has led to the development of community priorities for social, economic, environment, changing demographics and land use, social and leadership in the Shire of Exmouth.  
As a new Council, we now have a document that clearly establishes the vision of the community for the future of the Shire of Exmouth.  It will be the key strategic document used by Council to guide decision making and drive the development of corporate business plans, resourcing and other informing strategies.  

We believe Exmouth 2030 provides an appropriate framework to meet current and future challenges of our community.    

The Plan takes into account the broad social, cultural, economic and environmental areas and how private industry, government agencies and community might contribute to achieve the aspirations of our community.
Our thanks go to all those who supported this process and gave up their time to provide their input and help guide the development of this plan.  As a Council, we look forward to working in good faith with our community to achieve the aspirations set out in Exmouth 2030.

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