Talanjee Oval Lighting

Talanjee OvalTalanjee Oval is scheduled to undergo a complete reconstruction of the floodlighting. Over the years the lights have been highly beneficial to our local community by providing residents with the ability to play at night during the cooler hours of the day. However over time the lights have become less reliable due to substantial weather damage and general aging and wear and tear. They also no longer provide light to the entire oval, leaving dark patches at the edges.

By providing effective lighting at Talanjee Oval, the playing hours will be extended and sports can be played during the hotter months by playing in the evening. The lighting will provide more options for game times for all sports including soccer, AFL football, and cricket. The Exmouth Police and Community Youth Group provide activities for the youth of Exmouth and so the provision of effective lighting will encourage more physical exercise for young members of our community.

With financial assistance from Department of Sport and Recreation and Department of Regional Development and Lands through their Country Local Government Funding Program, the Shire of Exmouth will endeavour to have this project completed by early 2013.