Signs & Advertisements

Businesses within the Shire of Exmouth area are encouraged to create high quality advertising signage that complements the surrounding settings and reinforces the positioning of Exmouth as a tourism town. The Guidelines, set under the Shire of Exmouth’s Policy 6.8 – Advertising Sings, Town Centre Public Space & Outdoor Eating Permits , details what is permitted and promotes adherence to public safety and access.

  • If your business is located within the TOWN CENTRE, please refer to the Town Centre Public Space Permit Guidelines.
  • If you are a FOOD BUSINESS holding an outdoor eating permit, please refer to your permit conditions to check the signage compliance. Please find out how to apply for an Outdoor Eating Permit on the relevant Environmental Health section of this web-site [click here].
  • OTHER BUSINESSES and OPERATORS are directed to refer to Advertising Signage Guidelines  and the table below intends to assist applicants understanding necessary approvals and permits you need to obtain before erecting a sign.

*Legend:  ∨ - required; × - not required; × if -  not required if complies with standards listed in Table 1 of the Guidelines

In case Development Approval is required, please download the application form here and refer to the relevant Town Planning section of this web-site [click here] 

In case Building Permit is required, please refer to the relevant Building Services section of the web-site [click here].

If unsure, please e-mail the detailed description of your proposed sign to

Advertisement on Banner Display

The local government offers dedicated BANNER DISPLAY INFRASTRUCTURE at nominated high profile locations within the township for use primarily by local community and sporting groups for the short- term promotion of events and activities.

The use of dedicated banner infrastructure is managed by the local government’s Temporary Banner Display Guidelines . To make a booking please lodge the application form via e-mail to or in person at the Shire's administration office.