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Town Planning Scheme No. 3

The Shire of Exmouth Town Planning Scheme was adopted by Council July 15, 1999 and gazetted on September 3, 1999. A full copy of the Scheme as amended is availble via the links below.

Scheme Amendments to the Town Planning Scheme

Amendments to the Town Planning Scheme go through a statutory scheme amendment process, which includes public consultation.

Proposed Amendments

For details of proposed amendments currently being considered please visit the Planning - Public Consultation page of our website.

Approved Scheme Amendments

The table below summarises the approved Scheme Amendments. Full details of the amendments are available in the Scheme Amendment Section of the Document Centre.

AmendmentDescriptionApprovedGazetted Document
1 Rezoning Lyndon Location 222 and 223 from Pastoral to Special Use (Cape Wilderness)   02/06/00 Document coming soon
2 Lot 1 Turner Place - Change of Density from R17.5 to R30  31/08/01 31/08/03  Document coming soon
3 Adding Special Facility and Liquor Store uses to Table 1 - Zoning Table   09/07/02  15/10/02  Document coming soon
4 Amendments to 5.5 (Marina Zone) - Relating to canal developments    09/07/02  Document coming soon
5 Town Planning Scheme Boundary Adjustment 'Ningaloo Station'     13/09/02  Document coming soon
6 Outline Development Plan for land in teh Residential Development zone 21/07/03 25/07/03   Document coming soon
7 Rezoning Lot 36 Learmonth Street from Residential zone to Town Centre zone  05/03/03 11/03/03   Document coming soon
8 Addition of Bed & Breakfast (Cape Wilderness Estate) 23/04/03 29/04/03   Document coming soon
9 Modification of Caretaker's Dwelling Provision 17/11/04 19/11/04   Document coming soon
10 'Omnibus Amendments' (Various) 27/11/03 02/12/03   Document coming soon
11 Aquaculture Development (Mahimahi Project) 24/07/03 29/07/03   Document coming soon
12 Composit Industrial Area - Lot 51 Minilya-Exmouth Road 17/05/05 20/05/05   Document coming soon
13 Rezoning Lot 4 Nimitz St 'Public Purpose' Reserve to 'Mixed Use' zone 13/05/05 17/05/05   Document coming soon
14  Rezoning Lot 1433 Truscott Crescent 'Recreation & Open Space' Reserve to 'Tourist' zone  08/12/05 13/12/05   Document coming soon
16  Rezoning Lot 309 Murat Road from 'Mixed Use to 'Tourist' and 'Mixed Business' zone  21/05/09 26/08/09   View Document
17 Rezoning Lot 1415 Skipjakc Circle from Residential R17.5 to Residential R17.5, Residential R30 and Recreation and Open Space Reserve    10/10/06 View Document
18 Reclassifying portion of Lot 4 Tambor Drive and Lot 1 Salmon Loop from Local Reserve for Recreation and Open Space to Residential Zone with R17.5 density code. Reclassifying portion of Lot 3001 Riggs and Payne Streets from Local Reserve for Roads to Town Centre Zone  06/05/08 05/12/08   View Document
19 Developer Contribution  18/10/12    View Document
20 To apply an 'Additional Use' of dwelling to a portion of Lot 715 Truscott Crescent  23/02/09 20/03/09   View Document
24 Amending Schedule 3 (Special Use Zone) of TPS 3 by inserting 'Special Use' concrete batching plant and limestone block plant for Lots 322, 323 and Access Easement (Lot 324) and Amending scheme maps accordingly.  27/01/11 04/02/11   View Document
25 Rezoning Lot 2, a portion of Lot 6 and reclassification of Lot 319 Yardie Creek Road from Tourist and Recreation and Open Space to Special Use Zone and the balance of Lot 6 being reclassified to Recreation and Open Space.  25/07/11  09/08/11  View Document
26 Rezone portion of Lot 1112 Nimitz Street from Tourist to Residential R30 and R17.5 and open space and reclassify a portion of Reserve 29086 and 41753 from Recreation and Open Space to Residential R17.5 and special Rural respectively. 06/10/11  20/10/11 Advised SLS  View Document
28 Reclassifying a portion of Reserve 50807 and 28764 from Recreation and Open Space to Public Purposes  04/09/12  09/10/12 Advised SLS  View Document
29 Change the zoning on the portion of Reserve 31212 immediately west of Reid Street zoned Recreation and Open Space to Residential  04/01/13  12/02/13  View Document


Amending the zoning table to change 'Motor Vehicle and Marine Sales' to an incidental use 'IP' in the Tourist Zone. 18/06/13 19/07/13  View Document


Rezone Lot 149 (No.1) and Lot 150 (No. 13) Hunt Street, North West Cape from Special Use 5 to Tourist and delete conditions relating to the Development Investigation Area text in Special Use Zone 5 of Schedule 3 accordingly.

Amend the Scheme Map accordingly as depicted on the Scheme Amendment Map.

27/08/2015 03/11/17

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