Pest Control

The Shires pest control program is focused mainly on combating fly breeding at the rubbish tip, baiting or eliminating known or potential mosquito breeding areas and spraying for adult mosquitoes when necessary.

Residents can assist in reducing fly breeding by wrapping all food wastes before placing it in rubbish bins and ensuring the correct use of compost bins.

In relation to mosquito breeding, residents can assist by checking their yards and surrounds. Things to look out
for are containers and objects that may be retaining water and providing habitats for ‘back yard’ breeding. Some of the common backyard breeding sites to look out for include:-

  • Containers that can hold water eg; old tyres, toys, buckets etc;
  • Rain water tanks that are not screened properly;                                                                                   
  • Ornamental ponds;
  • Poorly maintained septic systems; and
  • Pot plant drip trays.

If you have a mosquito problem at your home or place of business it is more than likely to be a localised problem caused by one or more of the above factors. As mosquitoes can be vectors of debilitating and even potentially fatal diseases, it is very important that the community take responsible action to eliminate breeding sites around the home and work place.