Other Attractions

Milyering Discovery Centre

50 kilometres from Exmouth on the Yardie Creek Road.

It is an informative centre for visitors to learn about Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park via various display audiovisuals and publications. The friendly staff are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Shothole Canyon

Accessible from the Exmouth Miniliya Road, the turnoff is 6 kilometres south of Exmouth town, towards the west.

Accessible by unsealed road, this canyon was named after the shotholes left by the explosive charges fixed to set up miniature earthquakes for seismographic studies during the oil searches in the 1950's. The canyon road provides easy access into one of the many spectacular gorges in Cape Range. The sheer canyon walls exhibit colourful rock layers which lend themselves to photography. At the end of this road, you will find shady picnic spots, toilets and a scenic walk trail. This is in the Cape Range National Park ~ No camping, wood fires or pets permitted.

NOTE: Extreme caution should be taken if bush walking in the canyons, walls are sheer and dangerous due to the loose surface. Don't go on your own - let someone know of your intended plan and stick to it. Always carry plenty of water and avoid bush walking in summer as it is extremely hot and the harsh conditions should not be under estimated. Caves in Cape Range are also very dangerous due to an oxygen deficiency caused by decaying vegetation and stagnant water which produces CO2 which in turn reduces the quantity of oxygen in the confined areas.

Charles Knife Canyon

23 kilometres south of Exmouth, turn west off the Exmouth Minilya Road opposite the MG Kailis Prawn fishery site.

This road follows the trail originally blazed by Charles Knife and Jack King to provide what was then regarded as an almost impossible access to the Cape Range oil drilling site. This scenic drive follows the razor backed ridges of the Cape Range and provides breathtaking downward glimpses into the stark multi coloured gorges which, like the chameleon, take on a changing character throughout the progress of the day from dawn until dusk. To watch the sun rise over the Gulf from the top of Charles Knife Road offers an unforgettable experience. Picnic spots, scenic lookouts and walk trails are accessible, no camping or wood fires are permitted.