LAST UPDATED 02/02/2023 - 4.00 PM

As the event gets closer, we will provide more information about what to expect, how to get involved, and what you can do to make the most of your experience.

Due to Exmouth’s unique and remote location and global interest to participate in the Ningaloo Eclipse the Shire of Exmouth is treating this as a very complex event, and some information may not be released as yet.

In the meantime, be sure to check back often for updates and announcements as the TSE is constantly being approved, published and promoted.

We can't wait to see you in Exmouth for the Ningaloo Eclipse!

How to stay up to date

We are committed to providing information about this exciting event as soon as it becomes available and recommend following these pages.

Main Roads for Traffic
Facebook: Main Roads Western Australia

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) for Emergency Services
web: or
phone: 13 33 37
Facebook: Department of Fire and Emergency Services WA

Shire of Exmouth for localised Exmouth Info
Facebook: Shire of Exmouth

Tourism WA for Total Solar Eclipse Events and the Dark Sky Festival
web: or
Facebook: Tourism WA

Road Closures and Traffic Management

Will there be traffic management?

Traffic Management will be in place from Perth and Karratha to Exmouth. The Shire is working with the State Government, Main Roads, Police and Defence to ensure a safe journey is had by all. Please abide by all directions given by TSE officials and stakeholders, who will be clearly identified by their uniforms and identification - e.g.Police, Traffic Management, Shire of Exmouth Officers.

Are road closures to occur?

Yes, a considered Traffic Management Plan will be in place with a combination of reduced speed limits, and temporary accessible parking locations.

Emergency Management

What will happen if there is a cyclone?

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is the incident controlling agency for emergencies such as fire, flood or cyclones. In the event of a cyclone, advisement will be communicated by DFES on the appropriate actions to take.

To keep yourself up-to-date please go to or call 13 33 37.

How can I prepare for a cyclone?

We recommend reading the 2022/23 Cyclone Booklet, downloading the Calm Before the Storm Information and registering for the Shire of Exmouth's SMS Notifications.


Accommodation is limited in Exmouth and Exmouth is surrounded by the protected National Ranges and Ningaloo reef. Ensure you have confirmed legal accommodation whilst you are in Exmouth and the surrounding areas.

Why can’t I just camp on the side of the road somewhere?

Under Western Australian legislation, you can’t camp on the side of the road unless it is at a designated 24-hour rest stop.

Exmouth is located between the World Heritage-listed Cape Range National Park, Ningaloo Marine Park and the Exmouth Gulf, to protect this unique environment, the Shire of Exmouth and other government agencies will be actively managing illegal camping.

Please ensure that your accommodation booking is confirmed prior to coming to Exmouth.

Where can I find accommodation?

There is a range of accommodation options available in Exmouth, from camping and caravanning to hotels and apartments. There are also a number of Airbnbs available in the area.

We encourage you to visit the sites below to book your stay as soon as possible:

Whatever accommodation option you choose, please be aware that accommodation is limited in Exmouth and the surrounding areas, so it's important to confirm your accommodation before you travel. 

Visiting Exmouth

If you're considering visiting Exmouth for the Ningaloo Eclipse - Total Solar Eclipse 2023, you're probably wondering what the facilities are like. While it's a remote town, it actually has quite a lot to offer in terms of food and shopping options. There is also a chemist, a post office, a bank (Westpac) and two small laundromats in town.

When packing for your trip to Exmouth, please keep in mind that the town has a population of 3,078 and the businesses in town cater to 0-12,000 people, not the 20,500 that could potentially be in Exmouth during the event.

You can head here for a local business directory. There are also a few other businesses that cater to the needs of the town's residents that are not registered but are only a short walk away.

Travelling to Exmouth by road

Western Australia is HUGE!! In some sections, there are large distances between service stations and there are even larger distances of the drive that have no network coverage.

The roads are going to be busier and normal travel speeds may not be reached, please factor this into your journey planning. Driving is tiring, plan your rest points for your journey to Exmouth and ensure you have the following items in good working order:

  • Spare tyres
  • Tyre repair kit
  • Full-fuel jerry cans
  • Water and water containers

What should I bring?

Regardless of where you are staying in town, we recommend that you bring as many of the things you will need as possible. This should include (but not be limited to):

  • Food and water supplies for several days
  • All medical supplies/prescriptions etc.
  • Portable chargers or battery packs for devices
  • Refillable drinking water bottles – we recommend insulated ones as this will keep your drinking water cooler for longer in Exmouth’s warm climate.
  • Sunscreen

Why do I have to pack so much?

Due to the remoteness of Exmouth, everything the town needs is brought in on trucks every couple of days. This means that getting certain products can be difficult or timely.

The local businesses are working hard to ensure they have sufficient products and supplies for the Eclipse experience, please understand that there may be limited ability for some supplies to be constantly stocked. 

What are telecommunications like in Exmouth?

Telstra and Optus operate in town, if you use any other network, unfortunately, you will not have any network coverage.

It is recommended to ensure that at least one person in your party has a phone with the network coverage. We recommend that you bring your own portable chargers/battery packs for your phone and devices as there are limited charging stations available in town and on-site.

Temporary Overflow Campsite Welch Street

Through funding from JTSI, TWA and the Shire of Exmouth, a temporary camping site is being developed, Welch Street Overflow Camping Site.  This is a basic campsite that can accommodate 1,000 sites.

It has basic facilities such as; on-site reception, onsite Camp Hosts, and basic ablutions and abides by the Camping Regulations. 
Please note no naked flames are permissible at campsites.

What facilities are available for everyone?

  • On-site Welch Street reception
  • Welch Street Camp hosts that have access to first aid, defibrillator, firefighting and information
  • Coach Parking Bays
  • Walking distance to Town Beach

UPDATE: What is the ground condition on the site?

The site is nature-based camping, in remote Western Australia, with limited groundwork undertaken.

Please ensure that you bring what you need to make your camp level. We would also recommend bringing different types of pegs/tie-down options.

An internal system of facility access roads will be provided, as well as emergency access roads for emergency and servicing vehicles.

UPDATE: Is there shade available?

Keeping Exmouth's unique environment in mind, there is very limited natural shade on site. We recommend to bring along your own shade structure which can be accommodated on your site.

What will happen if there is an emergency on-site?

Depending on the emergency, the Shire will be directed by DFES if action is required for an external emergency; otherwise, the Shire has an emergency management plan and evacuation plan in place for the Welch Street Site.

There is a defibrillator and first aid post onsite to assist in the event of a medical emergency. The Shire has also strategically placed firefighting equipment, food truck placement and campsite hubs to respond in the event of a fire emergency. Please be mindful of this when setting up your site and become familiar with your surroundings, such as your nearest exits, muster point and fire equipment are located.

What will happen if there is an emergency off-site?

Exmouth, Carnarvon and Onslow are being supported by a large number of government agencies working together.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is the incident controlling agency for emergencies such as fire, flood or cyclones. In the event of an emergency, advisement will be communicated by DFES on the appropriate actions to take. To keep yourself up-to-date, please go to or call 13 33 37.

I’ve booked a site; can I bring my dog?

Yes - dogs are permitted subject to being on a lead at all times.

Will fencing be provided around the Welch Street site?

The campsite itself will be located on the parcel of land bordered by Murat Rd, Reid and Welch Streets and set back as far as practical from Murat Rd. A low-impact perimeter fence will be [partially] installed around the outside of the campsite to delineate a no-go zone for vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and the area between the fence and the roads will be left uncleared to further dissuade access. As a further action to help manage traffic to and from the site and minimise the impact on Murat Rd, the formal entry point to the campsite will be via Reid St with additional exit points on Welch Street.

There will be several camp hosts staying on-site to assist in managing the operations of the Welch Street Overflow Campsite.

Will there be lighting on site?

Lighting will be provided at intervals throughout the site, and ablution/amenity areas will be lit. However, we recommend bringing your own torches. Emergency lighting will come into effect should an emergency arise.

I need to wash my clothes, where can I do this?

There are no clothes-washing facilities on the site. There are two small laundromats in town available for public use; However, there are only a limited number of machines. It is recommended to bring enough clothes with you for the duration of your stay.

Can I drive my vehicle in and out of the site?

Yes. Speed limits of 8kmph are in place, and please be courteous by keeping driving to a minimum at Welch Street.

Campsites - NO facilities (self-contained)

What does self-contained mean?

Your accommodation mode needs to be able to sustain you for your entire stay without access to ablutions, power, and direct water supply.

Your vehicle must have the minimum requirements:

  • (a)  a certified motorhome that includes a toilet and water container that holds greywater (from the sink and shower) as well as septic/toilet waste; or
  • (b) a self-contained caravan that includes an internal toilet and shower.

What facilities are available to self-contained guests?

  • One 8m x 14m self-contained site
  • Food vans and communal area*
  • Communal water access point
  • Rubbish Bin Stations
  • Rubbish collection
  • Two dump points on-site

My booking for my self-contained site is approved. What do I need to bring?

  • Equipment to hold a sufficient water supply per person
  • Contained shower and toilet facilities
  • Storage to contain wastewater/greywater
  • Cooking facilities
  • Power supply – solar/generator. We also recommend bringing your own battery packs for charging devices.
  • Food and water supplies for your stay
  • Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blanket

Please note no naked flames are permissible at campsites.

Can swags be used on self-contained sites?

Swags can be used on self-contained sites as long as they are all part of that site booking and are utilising the facilities within the self-contained vehicle. The swag must be placed towards the back of the site, away from facility roads, to ensure occupants are protected from traffic.

How can I help ensure I am prepared in the event of an emergency?

We request everyone to also bring their own fire extinguisher, fire blanket and first aid kit to also assist. Have a plan in place for what you will do in the event of illness, evacuation or fire.

Will there be access to potable and non-potable water on-site for self-contained guests?

The Shire worked in collaboration with the Water Corporation, and the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI) on a water management plan for the site. There will be water access points on site and in town where containers can be refilled.

Please ensure you bring a reserve of potable water that could sustain you for a number of days and a refillable personal water bottle, preferably insulated.

How can I be conservative with my water usage?

Exmouth is an arid environment above all we recommend you are conservative with your water usage to ensure minimal impact on this precious resource.
Some recommendations are:

  • Bucket showers and baths (capture the grey water) or sponge baths
  • Reuse water wherever it is safe/hygienic to do so
  • Use a smaller bucket in your sink to reduce the amount of water required to fill it, when washing dishes.
  • Save up dirty items and do one set of washing a day
  • Don’t utilize washing machines; ensure you have enough clothes to last your stay.
  • Use the Paltridge Memorial Swimming Pool - this is a great place to cool down with a swim and have a shower afterwards.

UPDATE: What should self-contained guests do with their grey water?

  • Grey water needs to be containerized as much as possible. 
  • Dump points are available on-site where this can be disposed of, due to the arid landscape and unique environment of the North West Cape the disposal of grey water is NOT permitted at unauthorised locations.

Campsites - INCLUDING facilities (tent sites, combi vans, rooftops etc.)

UPDATE: Bookings will be opening Thursday 02/02/2023 and can be booked here.

UPDATE: What do I need to bring?

Your accommodation mode needs to be able to sustain you for your entire stay with access to ablutions, power, and direct water supply.

  • A tent to fit inside the 8m x 8m site
  • Optional Cooking equipment
  • Cooking/eating/drinking equipment

UPDATE: What facilities are available to guests in this area?

  • Basic shower facilities
  • Basic portable toilets
  • Universal Toilets
  • Camp Kitchen

UPDATE: What facilities will be available in the camp kitchen?

  • Basic Washing Sinks
  • Gas BBQs
  • Bench /workspaces

You’re more than welcome to set up your portable cooker in the communal areas while preparing your meals.

Please note no naked flames are permissible at campsites.

Residential Accommodation Registration Process

I want to lease out my property, do I need to register, and if so, why?

Yes, leasing your property to someone for financial gain for the purposes of accommodation provision during a solar eclipse requires the registration process.

We have established the registration process to ensure houses or properties are not overloaded, rooms not fit for sleeping purposes aren’t utilized and properties are set up to ensure emergency services can still access them safely. There are two types of accommodation, within the home or caravans/tents on the property. For further details on caravans/tents on properties, please see below.

I have people coming to camp on my property do I need to follow the registration process?

If the people staying are friends and there is no financial gain, they can stay on the property but within the parameters of the WA Caravan and Camping legislation.

This legislation states outside of a caravan park a person can camp (1 camp per lot) on a lot they own or with permission for 3 nights in 28 consecutive days without needing to seek permission. If your intentions fall outside this parameter, you will need to register your property regardless if there is no financial gain.

What is a caretaker, and why is one required for renting out my property?

A caretaker is someone who provides assistance and looks after a property whilst it is being rented out. This person should live in town and be within a 10-minute drive of the property. Having a caretaker is important as they can provide information or help for guests where needed and deal with any incidents or issues from a neighbour's point of view.

I am a long-term tenant in a rental property, can I have additional guests staying at the property?

Yes, with landowner consent and completion of the registration process.

What is an emergency plan, and how can I make one?

An example of an emergency plan has been provided on the Shire Website. There is also a template that can be filled in for your property.

A clear hand-drawn plan is acceptable as long as your guests, and we can easily understand it.

Waste Management

How will litter be managed in relation to the Ningaloo Eclipse?

The waste management plan is being developed, and part of the plan is to have designated waste stations in accessible locations around Exmouth. Additional green wheelie bins, skip bins and recycling options will be available.

The Shire of Exmouth is working with Keep Australia Beautiful and Containers for Change WA, developing ways to manage waste in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Keep posted for more details to follow.

We are also promoting and encouraging the community to take on Keep Australia Beautiful Adopt a Spot Program, as well as adopting the positive mantra of “Be Kind to Exmouth” and continue with our efforts to Keep Exmouth Clean.

What is the Adopt a Spot Program?

Adopt a Spot allows community members to register their favourite beach, street or place to hang out. They then volunteer to keep the area litter-free by completing regular clean-ups. When you register, you will receive resources, insurance coverage and an Adoption Certificate.

For more information, go to, Adopt-a-Spot or contact our offices for more information.


Workers Accommodation

I need to accommodate workers for my business. Where can I have them stay?

The Shire of Exmouth is exploring several possible locations which could be temporary workers' accommodation and will advise as soon as possible. Watch this space for updates!

Supply Chain and Storage

If roads are closed, will I still be able to get supplies to my business?

Although some roads may be closed to allow for more space for people to move through, you will still be able to service your food business.

Will there be extra storage provided by the Shire of Exmouth?

The Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovations (JTSI) and the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry are working with local businesses to identify solutions for supply and storage.

Please contact the Exmouth Chamber of Commerce and Industry for further information on this, and keep in mind that this event provides a greater opportunity to combine resources and opportunities with other food businesses.

Temporary and Permanent Structures

I have alterations planned to accommodate the Ningaloo Eclipse, do I need Planning or Building Approval?

Planning and building approvals may be required depending on the alterations and renovations, please discuss further with the Development Services Team who are happy to provide further guidance.

I will be bringing in additional sea containers for temporary storage to cover the duration of the Ningaloo Eclipse, what approvals do I need to receive?

Sea containers can be considered in the service commercial and industrial zones. The Eclipse falls within the cyclone season, and both Planning and Building approvals are required. The Shire has engineering information that can be used and will expedite application processes.

Please discuss this further with the Development Services Team.
Alternatively, business owners may wish to consider renting a storage unit from one of the number of suppliers in town.

I am planning on completing a permanent build as a legacy item for our business what approvals and processes should I follow?

Planning and building approvals may be required depending on the extent of work, please discuss further with the Development Services Team who will provide further guidance.

Commercial Waste Management

How will I manage the potential excess waste generated from my business?

The Shire of Exmouth recognises there will be an increase in waste disposal needs from food businesses.

We are currently compiling a waste management plan to support the eclipse period and will provide an update on options when ready and confirmed. Watch this space!

Exmouth Food Businesses

I have an existing permanent food business am I able to also do a pop-up/temporary food business at an event?

Yes, you can apply as a temporary food business utilising the Solar Eclipse Temporary Food Business Form.

Can I expand my outdoor eating area?

Yes, you can expand your outdoor eating area as long as thoroughfares/footpaths are maintained and all other requirements of Policy 6.8 – Advertising Signs, Town Centre Public Space and Outdoor Eating Permits and Local Laws.

What is the process to expand my outdoor eating area?

If you wish to expand out your outdoor eating area you will need to make an application to the Shire via the Outdoor Eating Facility Application Form.

What are the fees in relation to expanding my outdoor eating area?

An application for an amendment fee of $31.00 applies plus an area rate fee which will be charged pro rata of the annual fee ($54.00/m2).

For example, if you wish to expand or install a 10m2 alfresco area just for a 4-week period over the Ningaloo eclipse, you would pay 4 weeks of the annual fee ($45.00).
Or, if you wish to maintain that space as part of your standard permit, the fee will be charged pro rata from the annual fee, which is invoiced in September each year.

Can I expand my outdoor eating area temporarily just for the Ningaloo Eclipse?

Yes, as long as there is ample space and thoroughfares are maintained. Keep in mind you may have limitations in relation to maximum occupancies particularly if you are a licenced premise.

Can I place temporary or permanent structures within my outdoor eating area?

Yes, as long as they align with Policy 6.8 Outdoor Eating Permits Guidelines but depending on their size and type they may require additional approvals. Please speak with the Shire’s Development Services team to confirm what may need to be considered.

Mobile Food Van

I’m a mobile food van, can I trade from my standard location?

To encourage diversity and ensure no areas are congested, we are asking all food vans to make an application to the Shire of Exmouth to secure a spot for the Ningaloo Eclipse.

If you are currently operating under a Local Government Activity Permit, please contact us as all standard trading locations won’t be available from 17 to 24 April 2023.

I have an existing permanent food business am I able to also do a pop-up/temporary food business at an event?

Yes, you can apply as a temporary food business utilising the Solar Eclipse Temporary Food Business Form.

Licensed Premises

What is the process if I wish to expand my licenced area?

You will need to make an application to Liquor Licensing. Part of this process will be to apply for a Section 39 and 40 from the Shire of Exmouth.

What is the process if I wish to increase my maximum occupancy?

You will need to request a Variation for Public Building approval. Considerations such as exits, floor space, ventilation and toilets will all impact whether you can expand your occupancy.

Can I temporarily store my alcohol offsite?

Yes, as long as no sale or supply occurs from the storage area and the liquor is returned to the licensed area prior to the sale and/or supply.

I want to provide entertainment at my venue do I need to obtain approval from the Shire of Exmouth?

If you are not increasing occupancy or varying any condition under which you are currently approved, you don’t need to seek further approvals.
If you aren’t sure, please contact the Shire, and we will let you know.

*Subject to change