Published on Friday, 5 March 2021 at 3:00:00 PM

After four years at the helm, the Chief Executive Officer of the Shire of Exmouth Cameron Woods will be standing down from the role today to take the position of Chief Executive Officer at the Shire of Plantagenet.

The Shire would like to thank Cameron for the past four years as CEO. His commitment and dedicated service have included many achievements that have established Exmouth as a sought-after destination for tourism and economic investments.
After being appointed in 2017, he focused on re-establishing faith into Council's decision-making and implemented operational standards to ensure community involvement, leading to real and positive change. Some of his major achievements included the successful practical completion of the Ningaloo Centre, delivering the 50th Anniversary Town Celebrations, re-setting the organisational structure and direction of many departments within the Shire of Exmouth, and lobbying State and Federal Governments to improve services and deliver vital major projects. He provided outstanding leadership and vision over his time in Exmouth while guiding a new Council; and especially during the last year, where he has seen Exmouth's Council, administrative staff, and the community through some very difficult and challenging times. He has worked tirelessly to lead our local response and deliver our COVID-19 Stimulus Package to local businesses, ratepayers, and residents, leaving Exmouth ahead of many other towns.

While the recruitment process is commencing, Council appointed Executive Manager Commercial & Community, Matthew Bird, as Acting CEO.

Matthew joined the Shire of Exmouth in August 2017 and has been responsible for the successful management and development of the Ningaloo Centre operations, tourism destination development and aviation services and will continue to diversify Exmouth's unique offerings and strengths.

The early commencement of the recruiting process could see a new CEO selected by the end of March 2021 and commencing work in July 2021.



“Cameron must be acknowledged for the vision, leadership and strategic direction that he has brought to the Shire of Exmouth. During this whole journey, I have been constantly impressed at how every left field issue that seemed to arise, was rationalised, thought about and then presented to Council with options of how to tackle them successfully. During his time at the helm of Exmouth, he has not only successfully built a wonderfully capable team, but established and strengthened close relationships with vital stakeholders like the Chamber of Commerce, Defence, DBCA, Resource Companies and many State Government Departments. His ability to nurture and understand Private Enterprise has led to great investment in our town and I believe this hard work has set the town and community up well for future growth and prosperity. All of these achievements set a high standard, and a strong platform for the next CEO to build on.”

"I know the staff throughout the Shire of Exmouth, Councillors and the community will join me in thanking Cameron for all his efforts and wishing him and his family all the best in the future.”



“On behalf of the whole Executive Management Team, I'd like to congratulate Cameron on his efforts over the years; he has provided steady leadership through significant challenges in a tight economic environment, and I wish him and his family the very best for his future."

"I am honoured that the Council has entrusted me with the position of Acting CEO and would like to thank our Councillors for the opportunity. My time at the Shire of Exmouth has shown me what a local government can achieve when it has the right mindset. This means recognising opportunities and working hard to facilitate new investment and achieve outcomes that benefit business and, in turn, the whole Exmouth community. My background gives me a perspective from 'both sides of the counter', and the community can expect an attitude of 'let's make it happen'.”



“I am proud of all the achievements that we have made together as a team, and especially the hard times during COVID-19 we weathered together. We all came out at the other end, bigger and better - which is probably my most significant achievement, personally. I want to thank the Shire President, Councillors, the Executive Management Team and extend my sincere thanks to each and every one of my staff for their continuous support: I am leaving behind an amazing team. All their work behind the scenes - often unnoticed by the community - makes this town so very special, and my family and I will always have a fond memory of our temporary home here in Exmouth.

I am now looking forward to a tree change and new challenges at the Shire of Plantagenet.”

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