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Published: Tuesday, 30 July 2019 at 2:52:08 PM

Pay and display to reduce car park congestion

The Shire of Exmouth will introduce pay and display parking conditions at Learmonth airport to reduce congestion in the airport’s car park and parking easier for people picking up and dropping off passengers.

Under the plan, short term parking will remain free for people picking up and dropping off passengers but customers parking for more than 4 hours will be required to pay either daily or weekly parking fees.  Day parking will attract a fee of $5.50 while weekly parking will be charged at $35.00 per vehicle. Hire car parking will also be better regulated under the new parking regime.

Shire of Exmouth Executive Manager of Commercial and Community Matthew Bird said the move to introduce paid parking was in line with other regional airports and would encourage more people to share rides, catch the bus or get dropped at the airport rather than leave their cars for extended periods.

“Learmonth airport handles some 43,000 departing passengers a year and the number of people leaving their cars at the terminal for extended periods is placing pressure on the available parking,” he said.

“This then triggers people to park on road verges and in unprepared overflow areas, causing damage to the surfaces and forcing short term users to park further away from the terminal.

“The experience from other airport shows that introducing fees for long term parking will dampen demand, allow better management of the parking area and negate the need for expensive car park extensions.”

Paid parking will be implemented from 19 August, 2019 with all customers, including those parking for free, required to get a ticket and display it in their car window.

Parking meters are currently being installed outside the airport departure terminals.  No cash will be accepted at the terminals, which will accept card based payments including pay wave.

For more information, please refer to our fact sheet or contact the Shire on 9949 3000.

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