Published on Thursday, 23 April 2020 at 2:25:00 PM

Shire of Exmouth CEO Cameron Woods is assuring community and visitors that the Shire is continuously monitoring Dingo activity in and around the townsite of Exmouth and if care is taken, there is very little risk to public safety.

"Living in the remote Ningaloo Region means we enjoy, breathtaking landscapes and sightings and encounters with unique flora and fauna including Dingos'. The dingos in this part of the North West Cape are predominately purebred (98%) Dingo. This has been confirmed by the Department of Biodiversity and Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) through recent DNA testing of deceased local animals.”

"Community and visitors to our region are encouraged to be 'Dingo Aware'. This means you should be vigilant and aware of the environment you are in and where possible walk in pairs have dogs on leads and do not attempt to feed or provide water to dingos.

Daily Patrols from Rangers have identified very few dogs near the town; historically this is a seasonal concern that lessens into the cooler months or after rain.

Our approach is to continue patrols that include education if residents are seen walking small dogs North of the Golf Club beach with signage still in place in these areas.

"Euthanising animals is always a last resort for our rangers and an option that is made more difficult with land jurisdiction and permissions issues on the Cape. Commonwealth land under the control of the Department of Defence requires special permission to enter and for the use of a firearm. We work cooperatively with DBCA, and they have an effective baiting program which controls the numbers of dingos on the Cape at present.”



Media contact: Sandra Flint, Communications & Media Liaison Officer, Shire of Exmouth

M: 0459 431 439 | E: sflint@exmouth.wa.gov.au

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