Council urges residents to COME home now, and requests non-residents to GO home

Published: Tuesday, 24 March 2020 at 7:23:26 PM

The Shire of Exmouth has been very clear of late that our single most important objective is the Safety and Wellbeing of our Local Community.

Yesterday we asked all travellers to re-think their need to visit Exmouth during this Pandemic Crisis. So far, it seems that the message hasn’t got through as the level of holiday bookings starts to outweigh the cancellations.

Exmouth, and the Ningaloo Region is one of the most welcoming holiday destinations in existence and most certainly will be again on the other side of this unprecedented emergency, but right now, we can not cater for ANY visitors.

Today, the Council is calling on the State Government to fast track proposals restricting travel within regions, and to go the extra step, requiring non locals to head home.

Our small remote town is not only ill-equipped to handle the spread of Covid-19 if the virus presents, but is absolutely incapable of supporting any more people than our Local Population.


The clear message we are trying to send is this:
The best place to ride out this crazy time is close to your home.  We absolutely want locals to come home, but are requesting all non-locals to go home. 
For those travellers with no home, we recommend being close to major regional centres or cities that are better resourced to welcome you, both from a health and a supply point of view.


Local Government is trying it’s best to support our community, but we need the State Government to help us in our efforts.

If you are still thinking of hooking up the Caravan, and heading to our region to “Ride this out”, I ask with all sincerity...PLEASE DON'T.

Our supermarket is not coping due to warehouse shortages and rationing, and our community relies heavily on our local IGA’s ability to source enough grocery supplies to sustain our very small population.
We do not have the luxury of going to the next suburb if our local Supermarket is low on stock. Our closest suburb is 360km away.

We absolutely understand the devastating blow this is to the Resorts, Caravan Parks and Holiday Homes within our town, and are hoping that they, as an integral part of our community will support councils position, accept cancellations, reject new bookings and work with affected travellers by refunding or re-scheduling holiday plans.

Council is United in this position and is taking this drastic step solely for the wellbeing of our Community.

Full Media Release here.

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