Learmonth Airport Car Parking Plan

Changes within the car park at Learmonth Airport to improve passenger safety and traffic flow are now complete.  Rental cars have been relocated to the back row of the car park, with overflow parking to the south of the car park.

Other changes include:

  • One direction of traffic flow.
  • Dedicated pick up and drop off area in front of check-in/departures (no bus/truck parking).  Note: driver must stay with the vehicle in this area – fines may apply.
  • New ACROD parking bays at the southern end of the terminal building (protected from all traffic).
  • New Parents with Prams parking area opposite check-in/departures door.
  • New pedestrian walkways through to all parking lanes.
  • Parking in front of arrivals restricted to authorised vehicles only (buses, taxis, service vehicles etc) via a drop gate.
  • Long vehicle parking areas (short and long term).
  • Overflow parking (on unimproved ground).
  • Improved ground and mounted way-finding signage.


Car Parking Plan Learmonth Airport

Larger plans are available at the Shire Office.  For authorised vehicle access or any other queries, please contact 9949 1326 (during airport hours) to discuss.