Household Hazardous Waste Temporary Collection Day!

Date:            27th July 2013
Time:           8.00am - 12.00pm
Location:    Shire of Exmouth Administration Building Car Park, 22 Maidstone Crescent.

The Shire is holding a collection day on 27th July 2013 for household hazardous waste to be dropped off and disposed of in a safe manner.

Hazardous waste can be dangerous at every stage of its 'life'. Hazardous materials stored at home could react with one another and cause a fire or toxic fumes. Children could poison themselves. A container may leak and contaminate the soil or groundwater. If hazardous waste is disposed of with the rest of the household rubbish or put out with the inorganic rubbish collection, the people who pick up the rubbish could be injured. Hazardous waste that ends up in our landfill could pollute our environment.

By offering a special collection for this waste, the Shire of Exmouth provides householders with a chance to 'do the right thing' for everyone's health and for the environment - and it's a great opportunity to raise awareness about hazardous waste!

What will be accepted?

· Acids (NOTE: some facilities cannot accept hydrofluoric acid - call to check)

· Aerosols (CFC-based, paints, lacquers, pesticides etc.)

· Alkalis

· Batteries (lead acid and dry cell)

· Compact fluorescent lamps and fluorescent tubes

· Cyanides

· Engine coolants and glycols

· Fire extinguishers (non-halon only)

· Flammable liquids (e.g. hydrocarbons and fuels)

· Flammable solids

· Flares               

· Gas cylinders (small household LPG cylinders only)

· General household chemicals (e.g. cleaning products)

· Heavy metal compounds

· Inorganic oxidising agents (e.g. pool chlorine)

· Smoke detectors

· Mercury (e.g. thermometers)

· Organic peroxides

· Paint

· PCB materials

· Pesticides (including Schedule X pesticides)

· Solvents


What will not be accepted?

The Household Hazardous Waste Temporary Collection Day won't take commercial hazardous waste. Please contact a hazardous waste treatment company for more information.

The Household Hazardous Waste Temporary Collection Day cannot accept ammunition or other explosives due to transport restrictions. If you have such items please contact your nearest police station.

To safely dispose of medical waste such as syringes, please ask your doctor or other health professional for advice.


What will happen to it?

The majority of the waste we collect is in fact recycled, or can sometimes be re-used.

Paint cans are recycled as are plastic paint pails.


Transporting your Hazardous Waste

All containers should be in good condition - this means they should not have holes or be brittle, and the lid must be fitted tightly. They must be transported upright and secured so that they cannot fall over or leak liquid or gas. If you do have a leaking container, put it into a bucket with a lid, and please remember to do this outside so that any fumes can disperse easily. Heavy-duty plastic bags may be acceptable for solid wastes. Please label the container clearly to help the person receiving the waste.

You can help us - and yourself - by putting your household hazardous waste upright into cardboard boxes. This way, you protect your car from leaks, and when you arrive at the household hazardous waste collection day all we need to do is lift out the box and you can be on your way!

But if you have to have hazardous materials at home, make sure they are always stored safely and securely:

  • Keep hazardous materials dry and away from heat or flames
  • Always keep things in their original container so that you know what it is
  • Put hazardous material containers in a closed crate so that if it spills it doesn’t spread. If the container is leaking and you have to use another,
  • Always label new containers clearly and correctly
  • Keep lids tightly closed
  • Always keep hazardous materials out of the reach of children - for example on higher shelving or in a locked cupboard


This program was made possible by:

WA Waste Austhority                WALGA              Shire Crest


For further information on the Household Hazadous Waste Program please visit