Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is located 13.5 kilometres south of Exmouth on the Exmouth/Minilya Road just past the Light Aircraft Strip.

This beach can only be accessed with a 4WD. Pebble Beach is so named because it is covered in pebbles. It is a Safe swimming beach &is great for beach and net fishing.

Town Beach

Town Beach is located 3 kilometres south of Exmouth on the Exmouth/Minilya Road. It is a great picnic area with shelters, barbeques and toilets. It is a safe swimming beach for families and young children. This is the closest beach to the town centre and is a good location for windsurfing and sailing too.

Bundegi BeachBundegi

Bundegi Beach is located 14 kilometres north of Exmouth. After entering the VLF Prohibited Area, turn right at Bills Way. This is a fantastic family beach for safe swimming, snorkelling, fishing and has a boat launching facility as well.

Mildura Wreck

Mildura Wreck is located 11 kilometres north of Exmouth, turn left onto Yardie Creek Road and then 4 kilometres, turn right on to the Wreck road. The Wreck of SS "Mildura" is visible from the shore, it is also great for beach fishing. There are several access tracks that lead to the beach along this road.

Dunes Surf Beach

Dunes Beach is located 17 kilometres from Exmouth. The first main track on the left when driving along Wreck Road you will find the best spot on the Cape for surfing.


Tantabiddi is located 36 kilometres from Exmouth on the Yardie Creek Road. Tantabiddi is the only boat launching facility for large vessels on the west coast. There are toilets, a fish cleaning facility and a safe swimming beach on the left-hand side. This ramp is an excellent area when the easterly winds are blowing in the Gulf.


Lakeside is located 45km from town on the west side of the cape, within Cape Range National Park. Turn right at the Milyering Visitors Centre. This spot is superb for camping and is a popular spot for snorkelling as well.

Turquoise Bay

Turquoise Bay is the famous snorkelling area in Ningaloo Marine Park. See the nature of Ningaloo up close and personal as coral can be seen as close as 10 metres from shore and fish can be seen when you first step in the water.

Oyster Stacks

Oyster Stacks is the next turnoff after Turquoise Bay. This is another beautiful spot for snorkelling but can only be experienced on a high tide.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is the number one spot for windsurfing just outside the bay. The bay itself is protected and boasts crystal clear turquoise waters, a picturesque spot to spend the day swimming and enjoying the sunshine.

Lefroy Bay

Lefroy Bay is located south of Yardie Creek. This is a large rocky bay and is a very popular camping and fishing spot and can only be accessed by four-wheel drive.