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The Ningaloo Centre: Building Exmouth's future

Artists impression of the new Ningaloo Centre

Currently under construction, the state-of-the-art Ningaloo Centre will deliver new research, education, tourism and community facilities to Exmouth. This landmark building, located on Murat Road, will also provide a first class conference destination and is a perfect place to start exploring the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area.

The Ningaloo Centre will be a hub for scientific research in the region as well as providing a centralised resource for education and community engagement. 

Located on Murat Road and central within the developing township, it will have a presence to all visitors and residents alike, entwining itself into the essence of the Exmouth lifestyle. It will be a symbol of the community’s passion for its natural environment and commitment to evolving a sustainable future. Education through the availability of information, knowledge exchange, research and dialogue, underpin its values as well as showcasing what Exmouth has to offer to the world. 

The Ningaloo Centre is scheduled to be open in September 2017.

To find out more about the Ningaloo Centre, download the latest brochure or view the floorplan