Whale watching, pristine beaches Exmouth Western Australia

Major Attractions

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo is the largest fringing coral reef in Australia. It is the only large reef in the world found so close to a continental land mass; about 100 metres offshore at its nearest point and less than seven kilometres at it's furthest. The World Heritage listed Ningaloo Reef stretches for 260km. An abundance of marine life and the reef in which they live thrive together, in one of the world's highest ranked ecosystems in terms of biodiversity. Read more about Ningaloo Reef.


Every year from March to August following the mass spawning of coral, the world's largest species of fish, Whalesharks congregate in the Ningaloo Marine Park. The chance to snorkel with these gentle giants is the opportunity of a lifetime and visitors from all over the world head to the Ningaloo Reef to experience this natural wonder. These massive filter feeders can grow up to 18m long. They cruise the world's oceans in search of concentrations to feed on. Ningaloo Reef is one of the only places they appear regularly in large numbers. Very little is known about the biology of these creatures so research is ongoing. More information on the majestic whale shark can be obtained by following the below links.


Dive the magical Ningaloo Reef. The Muiron Islands, Lighthouse Bay or the Navy Pier are all world class dive sites that are sure to take your breath away.


An inner reef sanctuary exists consisting of magnificent coral formations surrounded by pristine turquoise waters and in some spots only metres from the white sandy shoreline. So grab your snorkelling gear and a snorkelling buddy and experience the wonder up close and personal.

Cape Range

The Cape Range National Park encompasses winding gorges, with colourful and striking cliff faces. The impressive weathered limestone range has plateaus of up to 314 metres high. It forms the spine of the peninsula that stretches up towards North West Cape. You can climb up deep rocky gorges to enjoy breathtaking scenery. One of many popular walks is a three-kilometre ramble through Mandu Mandu Gorge along the bed of an ancient river.

Beneath the rocky plateaus and canyons of the Cape Range National Park lies a network of hidden caves and tunnels. They harbour a unique collection of bizarre cave-dwelling animals: an ancient treasure trove of immense value to both science and nature conservation. Read more about Cape Range.

Yardie Creekcape range - yardie creek gorge

Yardie Creek located in Cape Range National Park winds through the range leading from the turquoise waters of the Ningaloo Marine Park. Take the Yardie Creek Boat Tour to experience the red and rugged beauty; you may even spot rare rock wallabies on your journey. Or take the walking trails along the top of the range and look down over the winding creek.

Things to do

  • Swim with Whale Sharks from March to August
  • Swim with the Humpback Whales from August to October
  • Turtle Tours from November to February
  • Humpback Whale Watching from August to December
  • Diving Tours of Muiron Islands or the Famous Navy Pier
  • Fishing Charters - Game and Bottom fishing
  • Enjoy Beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the Coral Coast
  • Coral Viewing - Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  • Yardie Creek Boat Tours
  • Safari & Eco Tours of Exmouth & Cape Range National Park
  • Quad Bike ToursScenic Flights
  • Helitours
  • Hire bikes, scooters, 4WD's and Campervans
  • Hire Sporting Equipment