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50 Year Celebrations

Building Future Memories

Celebrating 50 years Exmouth & the Naval Communication Station Harold E Holt combined with the official opening of the new Ningaloo Centre.

Exmouth: A Teenager Among Towns

It was only when the United States was given permission to build what later became the Naval Communication Station Harold E Holt that the town was born.

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Exmouth town site was proclaimed on 6 December 1963, and construction of the first building commenced in February the next year. The pace of development quickened when the US Navy decided to build its family houses in the town (rather than on the base, where single men were housed). The Australian Government soon recognised that in order to attract sufficient permanent employees to support the Station it would need to provide quality amenities quickly and liberally.

A power station was constructed, bores were sunk and water reticulated around town, streets were sealed and kerbed (unheard of then, in the north west!), and a school, a hospital, a community hall, a library, a swimming pool and a host of other sporting facilities were all built in quick time. Streets underwent a major beautification program and the new town was officially “opened” on the same day as the Station was commissioned: 16 September 1967.

Two Major Events in one

Construction of the Ningaloo Centre will be finished in April 2017, with the formal opening event to coincide with the ‘50 year birthday’ of Exmouth and the Naval Communication Station in September 2017.

Save these dates

A series of events will be held throughout the year with the main event weekend on Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 2017.

The program : An exciting array of activities and performances that celebrate Exmouth & the Naval Communication Station H.E.H, are being put together by a local volunteer working group with the Ningaloo Centre literally providing the stage for some elements of these celebrations.

Click here for a preliminary outline of events for the weekend.

Below is a glimpse of the proposed projection art (pending funding)

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